Beat the price increase

As gas and electric heat prices reach historic highs, more and more Britons are turning towards wood heat. As a result of this and a severe supply shortage, we will have to raise our prices on November 1, 2022.

Due to the influx of new customers and the wider energy price crisis, firewood and briquettes are in short supply and manufacturing costs are higher than ever.

As a result of this, the entire UK wood heating industry will have to raise its prices to stay afloat.

Make your purchase until November 1 to:

  • Save money by taking advantage of autumn pricing.
  • Choose from the widest selection of available Lekto’s best-in-class wood fuels.
  • Enjoy the fastest possible delivery times.
  • Have the peace of mind knowing you’re all stocked up.

Customers have until 23:59 on October 31, 2022, to purchase wood and briquettes at old prices.

Prices increase on November 1, 2022.
Limited stock available.