Beat the price increase

Save up to hundreds of pounds on heating and enjoy speedy delivery by buying wood fuel ahead of the winter rush.

Due to a perfect storm of circumstances, UK families were recently hit with price increases on everything from petrol and heating to food and clothing.

Wood fuel companies aren't immune to economic factors, either. The industry is facing increasing material, production, and transportation costs. This makes creating new products difficult and distributing already-created products more expensive.

The UK wood fuel industry is experiencing unprecedented demand. Caused in part by the realities of the current economic situation, this demand spike is larger than anyone could have imagined.

So rather than increasing our prices immediately, we have made the decision to postpone the price increase until November 1, giving our customers several weeks to stock up on kiln-dried firewood, night briquettes, heat logs, and all other Lekto products for old prices.

Make your purchase until October 31 to:

  • Save money by taking advantage of autumn pricing.
  • Choose from the widest selection of available Lekto’s best-in-class wood fuels.
  • Enjoy the fastest possible delivery times.
  • Have the peace of mind knowing you’re all stocked up.

Prices increase on November 1, 2021.
Limited stock available.