2023 Mega Bundle

2023 Mega Bundle

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Start the new year right with Lekto’s new 2023 Mega Bundle. This mega-sized limited-time value bundle represents the perfect mix of wood fuels to keep your home warm during the winter. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to save big on wood fuels in 2023.

The bundle contains 10 packs of our high-heat Hardwood Heat Logs, as well as 2 packs of our easy-to-use Sawdust Briquettes (£53.90 value). Hardwood Heat Logs are the hottest-burning briquette fuel on the UK market, which makes them perfect for keeping your home warm even in the bitterest of cold. And Sawdust Briquettes are a perfect, easy-to-use wood fuel that is a great option for daily heating.

Bundle Includes:

Take advantage of this special bundle to get 2 FREE packs of Sawdust Briquettes (£53.90 value).

How Good Is the Deal?

If purchased on their own, 10 packs of Hardwood Heat Logs and 2 packs of Sawdust Briquettes will set you back £327.40. By purchasing the products through this bundle, you will save a total of £53.90.

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Ready to Burn Certification

Sawdust Briquettes Certificate No. WS370/00005

Hardwood Heat Logs Certificate No. WS370/00002