Stock Up Bundle

Stock Up Bundle

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With warmer months just behind the corner, there’s never been a better time to start stocking up on the premium-quality wood fuels that will keep you powered through months and months of spring — and our Stock Up bundle is here to deliver just that!

Perfect for outdoor BBQs, garden chiminea, and wood-burning stoves alike, our latest bundle is pulling all the stops to give you an unmissable bargain on all your favourite wood fuels, especially if you want to take advantage of our 15% off everything Spring Sale promotion.

As part of this incredible, heavy-duty bundle, you’ll receive:

• 8 x 20kg Hardwood Heat Logs Mini Packs(80 Logs)
• 4 x 20 Briquettes Sawdust Briquettes Mini Packs( 80 Briquettes) 
• 2 x 20kg Pini Kay Eco Logs Mini Packs ( 40 Logs)

Thanks to their impressive calorific value of 5.15kWh/kg, our Hardwood Heat Logs are ideal to keep you warm throughout the day, providing a reliable, powerful, and beautiful flame that’s incredibly easy to light.

Extra-dry and endlessly versatile, Lekto’s Heat Logs are designed to provide long burning times with less firewood, making for a sustainable product ready to be used in wood-burning stoves, fire pits, chiminea, and anywhere else you would use traditional logs!

Our Sawdust Briquettes boast a low moisture content of below 9% and a calorific value of 5.10kWh/kg, resulting in an incredibly dense and powerful wood fuel.

Compact, easy to store, and perfect for stacking (and stocking up!), these hardwood birch sawdust briquettes need minimal tending once lit, and they are a perfect choice if you’re looking to replace your main fuel with a more natural and environmentally sustainable product, made from sawmills’ by-products and repurposed for a brand new life.

Our Pini Kay Eco Logs also shine thanks to their environmentally conscious nature: Created from hardwood sawdust (a natural and green by-product), they leave minimal ash behind for a cleaner world and a cleaner appliance, producing minimal smoke due to their low moisture content.

With a guaranteed burn of up to 2 hours, our Eco Logs can be used on chiminea, open fires, wood-burning stoves, and multi-fuel stoves, ensuring you can have the perfect wood fuel ready for all occasions.

If you love being prepared for any weather, any temperature, and any situation where wood-burning might take the center stage, there’s never been a better opportunity than ordering our Stock Up bundle to get your stocking up going!

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