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Lekto Woodfuels Ltd is a UK supplier of premier wood-based heating and fuel products, sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests!

Experience the Next Generation of Wood Fuel

Night Briquettes

Our most economical option

8-hour burn time. Helps lower overall wood fuel consumption. Made from natural softwood bark.

Ready to Burn certified.

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Fire Logs

Our universal all-rounder

Combine high heat output and long burn time. Compact form factor. Easy-to-store packaging.

Ready to Burn certified.

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Hardwood Heat Logs

Our hottest-burning fuel

High burning temperature. Can heat up your room in just a few minutes. Made from hardwood sawdust.

Ready to Burn certified.

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Help Save the Environment by Reviewing Lekto

As part of our reforestation efforts, Lekto will plant a tree for every review left on our Trustpilot page. We've already planted 20,000 trees. And will continue to plant them in batches of 5,000 from here on out.

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Why Choose Lekto?

Because you deserve the best.

Industry-disrupting product quality. At Lekto, we strive to create next-gen products that push boundaries and set new standards. The recipe for our success is simple. We have countless decades of collective experience. And we live by the mantra of continuous improvement.

Luxury customer service experience. You matter to us. Which is why our customer support team will treat you like a VIP. Whether you're a long-term buyer or a new client, they'll do everything they can to provide you with unparalleled customer service.

Effortless shopping experience. With an intuitive site design, the widest selection of quality products, an easy checkout process, and fast delivery, Lekto makes buying wood fuel online easier than ever.

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