Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters
Natural Firelighters

Natural Firelighters

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Wish starting a fire was effortless instead of a chore and a struggle? Tired of chemical firelighters leaving nasty smells in the air and on your fingers? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Made from wood wool and a thin coating of natural wax, Natural Firelighters are the best eco fire lighters money can buy. Their long burn time and strong flames make them the best choice for starting any indoor or outdoor fire. What’s more, they’re super economical. You’ll only need to use a single Natural Firelighter per fire.

  • Made from densely packed all-natural wood wool.
  • Each box contains 250 Natural Firelighters.
  • Odourless and kerosene-free.
  • Perfect for use with Kiln-Dried Kindling Wood.
    Why Choose Natural Firelighters?

    100% Chemical-Free Firelighters

    At the heart of Natural Firelighters is premium wood wool sourced from sustainable, responsibly-managed forests. This material is perfect for natural fire starters as it has a large surface area and high heat output. Each eco firelighter is covered in a thin coating of natural wax to facilitate combustion.

    Only One Firelighter Needed Per Fire

    Thanks to their long burn time and high heat output, you’ll only need one of these wood wool firelighters to start any fire. Compare this to kerosene firelighters—which you often need 2-3 of per fire—and you’ll figure out why these are the best fire lighters UK customers can buy.

    Perfect for BBQs & 100% Safe to Cook On

    Being free of kerosene and other lighting chemicals, Natural Firelighters create fires that are safe to cook on from the very first second. What’s more, you won’t ever have to worry about chemical smells ruining the aroma of your food. This makes them the perfect grilling, pizza oven, and BBQ firelighters.

    Say Goodbye to Chemical Smells

    Being made of wood wool and a thin coating of all-natural wax, our natural fire starters leave no smells on your fingers, in the food you cook, and in the air you breathe. This property makes them best firelighters for log burner, chiminea, fire pit, multi-fuel stove, open fire camping, and BBQ grill use. 

    Usage Instructions

    After being opened, all Lekto products must be stored in a dry, ventilated space to ensure optimal performance.

    1. Prepare your kindling. Arrange your kindling in a criss-cross formation resembling a Jenga tower with a hollow middle. For best results, we recommend you use our speciality Kiln-Dried Kindling Wood.

    2. Position your wool firelighter. Place one eco firelighter vertically at the centre of your tower. This will allow its fire to reach every piece of kindling.

    3. Light the firelighter. Use a match, lighter, or any other instrument to light your firelighter. Once it is lit, the kindling will catch fire on its own. Once the kindling is burning nicely, feel free to add your firewood logs or wood briquettes.

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    Technical Specifications

    Product material: premium wood wool, natural wax

    Firelighters per box: 250

    Packaging: 100% cardboard

    Recycling information: Fully recyclable

    Box height: 170 mm

    Box width: 370 mm

    Box depth: 280 mm

    Box volume: 17.6 litres