Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Kiln Dried Oak Logs

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Kiln-Dried Oak Logs are the hottest-heating, longest-burning firewood money can buy. The natural density of oak makes it the prime choice for winter heating. It is also perfect for high-heat cooking, being the prime choice for searing steaks and pizza ovens.

Like all Lekto log products, our oak firewood is dried in an industrial kiln for a long time to ensure extra-low moisture levels. This allows it to burn cleaner, more efficiently, and with less smoke than conventional logs. In addition, the kiln-drying process kills all pests, fungi, and mould, making it 100% safe to store indoors for a long time.

  • Made from premium, sustainably sourced oak wood.
  • Each log is cut to a uniform length of 25 centimetres.
  • Shipped in stackable plastic-free boxes with in-built handles.
  • Box volume of 22 litres and weighs 8-10 kilogrammes.
  • Perfect for searing steaks and use in pizza ovens.
  • Guaranteed moisture content under 20%.
Why Choose Kiln Dried Oak Wood Logs?

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs From Premium Oak

Kiln-dried logs delivered all over the UK by Lekto are made from premium oak trees that are sourced from sustainably managed forests. As is the case with all Lekto firewood, no pesticides, preservatives, or other chemicals are added during the production process. Being an all-natural product, there is a slight variation in the shape and density of each log. As a result, each 22-litre box has a slightly different weight.

Manufactured to Extra High Standards

Lekto's kiln-dried oak firewood is manufactured to a quality standard that goes above the Ready to Burn standard. We use only premium oak wood from sustainably-managed forests. The trees are cut to a length of 25 centimetres—the perfect size for most stoves—and split into logs of a similar size. An industrial kiln then dries them for an extra long time to ensure extra-low moisture levels. This helps them burn cleaner and more efficiently than conventional options.

Oak Kiln Dried Logs Delivered to Your Doorstep

Lekto ensures fast, free UK-wide delivery of dried logs on orders over £75. Unless you're ordering during a bank holiday, your oak firewood will be shipped out shortly after we receive your order. Delivery is handled by some of the best logistics companies in the business, namely DPD, Parcelforce, and Palletforce. Visit our Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

100% Plastic-Free Packaging

Unlike most suppliers, Lekto doesn't ship its firewood in plastic bags or nets. Instead, your kiln-dried logs will be delivered to you in durable, stackable, plastic-free packaging with built-in handles. In order to protect your product during delivery, each 3-pack is placed in a protective outer box. This protective packaging is made of pure cardboard. Paper tape is used to keep it from opening.

Usage Instructions

After being opened, Lekto kiln dried hardwood logs need to be stored in a dry, ventilated space to ensure optimal performance.

  1. Start with your logs. Place a few wooden logs in a grid formation at the bottom of your wood-burning appliance.
  2. Add your Kindling. Stack your kindling into a Jenga tower-like shape on top of your firewood logs. Leave a bit of space between the pieces to let the air flow through them.
  3. Add a Natural Firelighter. Place the firelighter either on top of or inside your kindling tower.
  4. Set the firelighter ablaze. The firelighter will ignite your kindling, which will, in turn, ignite your logs.
Shipping & Delivery

FREE UK Delivery on Orders Over £75*

Orders up to 320 kg are delivered by DPD or Parcelforce. Orders above 320 kg are delivered by Palletways.

* See our Shipping & Delivery page to learn about geographical restrictions and delivery rates to unsupported regions

Possibility of Split Deliveries

Please note that DPD may split your order into several parts and deliver them separately. This is due to the way their delivery systems handle heavy shipments. The remaining part of the delivery usually arrives within one to three days of the first one.

Ready to Burn Certification

Lekto Kiln Dried Logs are certified according to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ flagship Ready To Burn wood fuel quality standard.

This means that our kiln-dried hardwood logs have been independently tested by an independent, not-for-profit laboratory to ensure that they comply with all relevant quality standards.

Certified Product: Kiln-Dried Oak Logs

Ready to Burn Certificate Number: WS370/00003

Technical Description

Product material: Premium oak

Calorific value: 5 kWh/kg

Manufacturing process: Industrial kiln-drying

Ready to Burn certificate number: WS370/00003

Product length: 25 cm

Protective outer packaging: 100% cardboard

Inner packaging: 100% cardboard

Recycling information: Fully recyclable

Box volume: 22 l

Box weight: 8-10 kg

Box height: 214 mm

Box width: 391 mm

Box depth: 260 mm