Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs
Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Kiln Dried Oak Logs

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The UK’s finest Ready to Burn hardwood oak logs. Delivered straight to your doorstep. Lekto’s hardwood oak logs are kiln-dried to ultra-low moisture levels for maximum heat output and a clean burn. Lekto fire wood comes packaged in easy-to-handle, plastic-free cardboard boxes for easy use and storage. Orders over £75 qualify fast, free UK delivery straight to your doorstep.

  • Full Ready to Burn certification. Lekto’s oak logs are fully certified according to the Ready to Burn wood fuel quality standard. Certificate number: WS370/00003
  • Kiln-dried to ultra-low moisture. This helps ensure supreme ease of lighting, a higher, more efficient heat output, and a more efficient burn.
  • Superlative purchase size flexibility. Lekto logs are sold in sets of 3 boxes. Each set is packaged in a protective outer box to further shield it during delivery. Each box has a volume of 22 litres and weighs 8-10 kilogrammes.
  • 100% natural, chemical-free product. Lekto’s logs are sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests. No chemicals or preservatives are added during the production process.
  • Perfect for cooking purposes. Our logs will give your food an amazing smokey flavour. And the massive heat output of oak logs makes them the prime choice for searing steaks and use in pizza ovens.
Technical Description
  • Product material: Oak
  • Raw material source: Sustainably-managed forests
  • Moisture reduction process used: Kiln-drying
  • Ready to Burn certificate: WS370/00003
  • Product length: 25 centimetres
  • Packaging material: plastic-free cardboard boxes
  • Recycling information: the entirety of the box can be recycled
  • Box length: 39.1 centimetres
  • Box width: 26 centimetres
  • Box height: 21.4 centimetres
  • Box volume: 22 litres
  • Box weight: 8-10 kilogrammes.
  • Ultra-low moisture content: under 20%
Shipping & Delivery

FREE UK Delivery on Orders Over £75*

Orders up to 320 kg are delivered by DPD or Parcelforce. Orders above 320 kg are delivered by Palletways.

* See our Shipping & Delivery page to learn about geographical restrictions and delivery rates to unsupported regions

Possibility of Split Deliveries

Please note that DPD may split your order into several parts and deliver them separately. This is due to the way their delivery systems handle heavy shipments. The remaining part of the delivery usually arrives within one to three days of the first one.

Ready to Burn Certification

Lekto Kiln Dried Logs are certified according to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ flagship Ready To Burn wood fuel quality standard.

This means that our kiln-dried hardwood logs have been independently tested by an independent, not-for-profit laboratory to ensure that they comply with all relevant quality standards.

Certified Product: Kiln-Dried Oak Logs

Ready to Burn Certificate Number: WS370/00003

FAQ's About Kiln-Dried Logs

How Long Can I Store Kiln-Dried Logs?

Under optimal storage conditions, such as a dry and well-ventilated storage area and optimal stacking, kiln-dried logs can retain their burning characteristics for several years. However, if kiln-dried logs are improperly stored or exposed to moisture, they can lose their burning characteristics quite quickly.

How Much Are Kiln-Dried Logs?

The price of kiln-dried logs in the UK varies greatly based on when you purchase them. Logs are cheapest during the summer (when tree wood is harvested and dried) and get a lot more expensive as the temperatures drop and heating fuel demand rises. On average, you can expect to pay about 10% more for kiln-dried logs than you would pay for seasoned logs.

How Should I Store Kiln-Dried Logs?

Kiln-dried logs should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated location that is protected from the elements. They should be stacked in neat rows with gaps between each row to allow for proper air circulation and kept off the ground to prevent moisture buildup.

Where Should I Store Kiln-Dried Logs?

If possible, your kiln-dried logs should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area that is protected from the elements, such as a wood shed or a garage.

Where Can I Buy Kiln-Dried Logs Near Me?

If you live in the UK, you can find kiln-dried logs for sale and have them delivered straight to your door by Lekto Woodfuels. We offer fast, free delivery on all orders over £75.

Where to Buy Kiln-Dried Logs?

The most convenient way to buy kiln-dried logs is to order them online. National suppliers like Lekto Woodfuels offer a wide selection of quality wood fuels and offer free delivery to all parts of the UK.

Can I Buy Kiln-Dried Logs in the Supermarket?

Some supermarkets do offer kiln-dried logs for sale. However, keep in mind that kiln-dried logs sold by Asda or Tesco will not be of the absolute highest quality. If you want the best quality, choose a specialist provider like Lekto instead. Read our article on supermarket logs to find out more.

How Are Logs Kiln-Dried?

Kiln-Dried Logs are made by baking wet wood in industrial kilns for a long time. An industrial kiln consists of a high-heat oven and a powerful ventilator that helps get rid of moisture as quickly as possible.

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Product Details

Ultra-High Product Quality

The UK’s finest Ready to Burn oak logs. Lekto’s oak logs are dried for a very long time in state-of-the-art industrial kilns. This allows us to dry them to ultra-low moisture, which is well below the 20% specified in the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ Ready to Burn quality standard. This makes our logs extremely easy to light and allows them to burn cleaner and more efficiently than competing products.

The main benefits of Lekto kiln-dried logs:

  • Supreme ease of lighting that makes lighting them easier than conventional oak logs.
  • High and efficient heat output that allows you to get more heat from every log.
  • Clean burning characteristics reduce the risk of stove glass stains, as well as soot/tar buildup in your flue or chimney.
  • Consistent length of exactly 25 centimetres, which is the perfect size for the vast majority of log burners, open fires, chimineas, and multi-fuel stoves. 
  • Suitable for all wood-burning appliances and usage scenarios.
  • Safe to store indoors and use as decoration thanks to the fact that the kiln-drying process kills all pests and fungi.

Convenient, Plastic-Free Packaging

Lekto’s chunky split kiln-dried oak logs come in durable, easy-to-handle cardboard boxes. Our boxes are 100% plastic-free and can be stacked for ease of storage. The boxes measure exactly 391mm in length, 260mm in width, and 214mm in height, which offers the perfect balance between product quantity and ease of handling. And being incredibly sturdy, they can be reused many times. At the end of their lifespan, these boxes can either be recycled or used as makeshift tinder.

Lekto spares no expense to ensure customer satisfaction in all areas. Product packaging is no exception. To help further protect your product during delivery, each set of 3 boxes is packaged in a protective cardboard outer box. This helps bring the risk of damage during delivery to an absolute minimum.

Large orders of 48 boxes are shipped in high-quality wood pallets. These pallets are easy to reuse. If you do not wish to reuse your pallets, you can recycle them at your local recycling centre.

Which is Best Kiln Dried or Seasoned Logs?

According to wood fuel experts, kiln-dried logs offer a number of benefits over seasoned logs (aka air-dried logs). This includes having a lower, more consistent moisture content, more efficient heat output, a longer shelf life, and the ability to store them in your home (unlike seasoned logs, which may be home to insects, fungi, and other pests).

Lower & More Consistent Moisture Content

Thanks to Defra’s Ready to Burn quality assurance standard, all logs sold legally in the UK today have a moisture content of less than 20%. However, this doesn’t mean that all logs are created equal. Having been baked in an industrial kiln for a long time, kiln-dried logs can contain an average moisture content of as little as 10%. Furthermore, the difference between the moistest logs and the driest logs is minimal, which helps ensure a more consistent burn.

Better, More Efficient Heat Output

Due to their lower moisture content and consistency, kiln-dried logs waste less energy on evaporating excess moisture than seasoned logs. This allows kiln-dried logs to burn more efficiently and produce more heat per log. This means that fewer logs are needed to achieve the same level of warmth as seasoned logs, which means that you’ll be able to lower your overall firewood consumption and save storage space. Another benefit of their lower overall moisture content is the fact that kiln-dried logs are easier to light and produce less smoke and emissions than seasoned logs.

Long Shelf Life and Ability to Be Stored Safely Indoors

Kiln-dried logs have a longer shelf life than seasoned logs and can even be stored at home for a long time for decorative purposes. This is because the high-heat kiln-drying process removes all excess moisture and kills off all small insects and fungi that like to make the logs their home. This means that kiln-dried logs can be stored for longer periods of time without losing their burning characteristics. It also means that you can store them safely at home and even use them as decoration.

How to Start a Fire with Kiln-Dried Logs
  1. Open your air controls. Set the air controls of your wood-burning stove or chimney to their most open position.
  2. Add fire-starting material. Arrange your kindling in a criss-cross formation. Put a firelighter at the centre of the formation.
  3. Start the fire. Light the firelighter and wait for the kindling to catch fire. 
  4. Add logs. Once the kindling is burning nicely, you can add the first logs. Place them at a vertical angle with enough room for air to pass through between them.
  5. Reduce the airflow. Once the logs are burning, slightly reduce the air intake. This will help the logs burn longer and hotter.
Product Packaging Recycling Information

Plastic-free cardboard boxes: Our logs are supplied in 100% plastic-free cardboard boxes. These can be reused or recycled alongside other cardboard.

Wood pallets: Our wood pallets can be reused or recycled at your local recycling centre.

How to Store Kiln-Dried Logs

Proper long-term storage of kiln-dried logs is essential to ensure they maintain their dryness levels, which is essential to them burning effectively. Here are some tips for storing your kiln-dried logs properly:

Choose the Right Storage Location

Your kiln-dried logs should always be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area that is protected from the elements. Ideally, this should be a wood shed or a dry, ventilated garage.

Stack Your Logs Properly

Lekto’s logs are delivered to you in durable cardboard packaging that can be stacked on top of one another. However, if you wish to take them out of their packaging to better utilise the limited space you have, it’s important to ensure they are stacked in rows, with each row offset slightly from the one below it. This allows air to circulate around the logs. This helps them keep their dryness levels for as long as possible and prevents moisture buildup.

Ensure Proper Air Circulation

Good airflow is critical for long-term log storage. You need to make sure there is enough space to allow air to circulate freely between the rows of logs. Most users eyeball it, which is a valid way of doing things, but others will use specialised wood spacers.

Keep the Logs Away From the Ground

Kiln-dried logs should be kept off the ground to avoid having them absorb and retain moisture. If you ordered your logs in bulk, stack your logs on top of your pallet. If you haven’t, use bricks, cinder blocks, or whatever else you have access to.

Monitor the Moisture Content of Your Logs

Burning wet logs is harmful to both your health and the environment. To make sure that your kiln-dried logs are safe to use after a long period of storage, we recommend using a wood moisture meter. A simple meter can be bought for as little as £25 and it will be more than enough for your household needs. Select several logs from your pile and measure their moisture to make sure your firewood remains under the recommended 20%.