Kiln Dried Ash Logs
Kiln Dried Ash Logs
Kiln Dried Ash Logs
Kiln Dried Ash Logs
Kiln Dried Ash Logs
Kiln Dried Ash Logs

Kiln Dried Ash Logs

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The UK's most highly-rated logs. Delivered to your home. Commonly recommended by industry professionals, kiln-dried ash logs are the perfect all-rounder. They’re easy to light, have a powerful and reliable heat output, and burn for a very long time.

  • The perfect all-rounder. Thanks to their ease of lighting and superb burning characteristics, ash is commonly recommended by professionals as a great choice for all heating scenarios.
  • Fully Ready to Burn certified. Lekto's ash logs are fully certified according to the Ready to Burn wood fuel certification scheme. Certificate number: WS370/00003.
  • Kiln-dried to extra-low moisture. Our ash logs are dried in high-quality industrial kilns for a long time, helping ensure ease of lighting and an efficient, smokeless burn.
  • Practical packaging. The product comes in Lekto’s signature plastic-free cardboard packaging. It’s loved by customers because it’s durable, stackable, and has in-built handles for easy handling.
  • Convenient size and weight. Lekto logs are sold in sets of 3 boxes. Each set is packaged in a protective outer box to further shield it during delivery. Each box has a volume of 22 litres and weighs 8-10 kilogrammes.
  • All-natural, chemical-free product. Lekto’s ash logs are sourced exclusively from sustainably-run British forests. No chemicals or preservatives are added during the manufacturing process.
    Technical Description
    • Product material: Ash
    • Drying process: Industrial kiln-drying
    • Ready to Burn certificate number: WS370/00003
    • Product length: 25 centimetres
    • Packaging material: redesigned eco-boxes (100% cardboard)
    • Recycling information: 100% recyclable
    • Single Box height: 214 mm
    • Single Box width: 260 mm
    • Single Box depth: 391 mm
    • Single Box volume: 22 litres
    Shipping & Delivery

    FREE UK Delivery on Orders Over £75*

    Orders up to 320 kg are delivered by DPD or Parcelforce. Orders above 320 kg are delivered by Palletways.

    * See our Shipping & Delivery page to learn about geographical restrictions and delivery rates to unsupported regions

    Possibility of Split Deliveries

    Please note that DPD may split your order into several parts and deliver them separately. This is due to the way their delivery systems handle heavy shipments. The remaining part of the delivery usually arrives within one to three days of the first one.

    Ready to Burn Certification

    Lekto Kiln Dried Logs are certified according to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ flagship Ready To Burn wood fuel quality standard.

    This means that our kiln-dried hardwood logs have been independently tested by Woodsure to ensure they comply with all relevant quality standards.

    Certified Product: Kiln-Dried Ash Logs

    Ready to Burn Certificate Number: WS370/00003

    Product Details

    Kiln-Dried to Perfection

    The UK’s finest Ready to Burn ash logs. Lekto’s oak logs are dried in industrial kilns for a very long time. This results in a product that is very easy to light and burns far more efficiently than competing offerings.

    The main benefits of Lekto kiln-dried ash logs:

    • Supreme ease of lighting and efficient heat output.
    • Clean burning characteristics reduce soot/tar buildup in your flue.
    • A consistent log length ensures a perfect fit in all log burners, open fires, chimineas, and multi-fuel stoves. 
    • Chemical-free and safe to cook on.
    • As the kiln-drying process kills off all pests and fungi, our ash logs are 100% safe to store indoors and can be used as decoration.
    How to Use Kiln-Dried Ash Logs
    1. Arrange your wood kindling in a criss-cross formation. Put a firelighter at the centre of the formation.
    2. Light the firelighter and wait for the kindling to catch fire.
    3. Once the kindling is burning nicely, you can add the first logs. Place them at a vertical angle with enough room for air to pass through between them.
    4. Once the logs are burning, adjust the air intake to your desired levels.
    Storing Your Kiln-Dried Ash Logs

    Proper long-term storage of kiln-dried ash logs is essential to ensure they maintain their dryness levels and burning characteristics. Here are some tips for storing your kiln-dried logs properly:

    Monitor the Moisture Content of Your Logs

    Burning wet logs is harmful to both your health and the environment. To make sure that your kiln-dried logs are safe to use after a long period of storage, we recommend using a wood moisture meter. A simple meter can be bought for as little as £25 and it will be more than enough for your household needs. Select several logs from your pile and measure their moisture to make sure your firewood remains under the recommended 20%.

    Choose the Right Storage Location

    Your kiln-dried logs should always be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area that is protected from the elements. Ideally, this should be a wood shed or a dry, ventilated garage.

    Stack Your Logs Properly

    Lekto’s logs are delivered to you in durable cardboard packaging that can be stacked on top of one another. However, if you wish to take them out of their packaging to better utilise the limited space you have, it’s important to ensure they are stacked in rows, with each row offset slightly from the one below it. This allows air to circulate around the logs. This helps them keep their dryness levels for as long as possible and prevents moisture buildup.

    Ensure Proper Air Circulation

    Good airflow is critical for long-term log storage. You need to make sure there is enough space to allow air to circulate freely between the rows of logs. Most users eyeball it, which is a valid way of doing things, but others will use specialised wood spacers.

    Keep the Logs Away From the Ground

    Kiln-dried logs should be kept off the ground to avoid having them absorb and retain moisture. If you ordered your logs in bulk, stack your logs on top of your pallet. If you haven’t, use bricks, cinder blocks, or whatever else you have access to.

    Recycling Information

    Cardboard eco-boxes: Our logs are delivered in 100% plastic-free cardboard boxes. These can be reused as packaging or makeshift tinder. Alternatively, they can be recycled alongside other cardboard.

    Wood pallets: Our wood pallets can be reused or recycled at your local recycling centre.

    Why Choose Lekto Woodfuels
    • A brand you can trust. Lekto is the UK’s most highly-rated supplier of fuelwood products. Our Trustpilot page is home to over 15,000 positive customer reviews.
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    • Help combat deforestation. Lekto plants a tree for every genuine customer review left on its Trustpilot page. Read this blog post to learn more.
    • Fast, free UK delivery. All orders over £75 are eligible for free delivery to the vast majority of UK postcodes. Visit our Delivery page to learn more.
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