10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

What are good date night ideas? A fancy restaurant? A trip to the cinema? These options sound lovely, but they come with issues. What to wear on a date night? Is it too expensive? Is it too cold to go outside?

With Autumn creeping in, you may as well have a date night at home. After all, the only thing better than snuggling in on a chilly night is snuggling in with a loved one on a chilly night.

Whether you have a special anniversary at some point during October and March or if you just want to make the most of some gorgeous nights in together, read our great list of date night ideas and see how easy it is to turn your stay-at-home antics into something more romantic.

1. Good food

Make your significant other a meal that will really please them or – better yet – why not cook a meal together? It could be over a pizza oven or via a more conventional method, but the fun lies in working together to make a truly delicious dish.

2. Carpet Picnic

Create a romantic atmosphere by laying out a picnic blanket and either serving a delicious dinner on it or, if you’d prefer, a few of your favourite bits and pieces to snack on in the comfort of your own glowing fireplace.

3. Fire

Speaking of fire, make sure you’re setting the right tone with a warm, romantic fire that doesn’t need tending to; simply watched. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a roaring fire, so why not throw a few heat logs on the log burner and enjoy it with your other half?

4. Toast sweet treats together

While we’re talking about a captivating fire, one way to spend a romantic evening together would be to toast marshmallows or make s’mores over it. There’s nothing quite like a sumptuous marshmallow that’s freshly toasted over an open fire.

5. A spa date

Plan ahead and buy some massage oil, light the scented candles and play soothing music, as you give each other a comforting massage. To get that feeling of true escapism, have your spa date in front of a chiminea.

6. Reminisce

If you’ve been together for a while, get out your memory box, old photos or throw on the first movie you saw together at the cinema. Let the wood burner warm you both, while the memories come flooding back.

7. Plan for the future

On the other hand, think about what you could achieve together in the future. A holiday? A wedding? A baby? Write a plan of what you need to buy or how you can save money for it. If it’s a wedding, think about the menu or venue; if it’s a holiday, think of where and what you can do there; and if it’s a baby, come up with names and colour schemes for the bedroom.

8. Play board or card games

If you’ve both got a competitive edge, let that out by having a game of Monopoly, Scrabble or Poker. Don’t let the tensions run too high by gently reminding each other that it is just a game. Maybe light a few candles to keep the atmosphere calm.

9. Try something new

Has one of you started listening to a podcast you both might enjoy? Or heard of a new film or television series you could watch together? As it’s too cold to go out, make your own indoor cinema by staying snuggled under warm blankets and sharing some quality time together.

10. Enjoy the silence together

If you’ve got little ones, maybe a quiet night in is exactly that. Whether you cook your own food or get a takeaway in, just sit, chill and let any stresses you may have picked up from work melt away. Perhaps you’ve both got new books you’re eager to read and just haven’t had the chance to open them up. Purchase some kiln dried logs wholesale and light your open fire. In front of the warm fire, you can still enjoy each other’s company, even if it is in silence.

However you spend your time, you now have a whole host of ideas to make sure your evenings together are romantic ones.