2021 Christmas Gifts For Homes With Fireplaces Or Long Burners

2021 Christmas Gifts For Homes With Fireplaces Or Long Burners

Looking for some Christmas shopping inspiration? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! If you’re hoping to find the perfect gift for loved ones who have homes with fireplaces, we have plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Practical, thoughtful and unique, listed below are just a few of our favourite gift ideas for homes with fireplaces or log burners.

Stove Fan

Any proud fireplace owner will know the importance of maximising heat from your wood burning stove. It’s more efficient, makes your house warmer and saves you money. That’s why a stove fan is such a practical and thoughtful gift for homes with fireplaces. A stove fan attaches to the log burner and helps to circulate heat from the fireplace throughout the home, maximising the heat. This helps to make the room warmer, creating a cosier atmosphere that’s perfect for Christmas.

Hardwood Heat Logs next to snowman in front of a Christmas tree

Fire-Resistant Hearth Rug

Another wonderful gift idea for homes with fireplaces is a fire-resistant hearth rug. Hearth rugs are perfect for making the fireplace look more cosy and adding a decorative element to the room. Depending on their individual style, there are plenty of hearth rugs featuring traditional, ornate designs as well as more contemporary designs for modern homes with fireplaces. Whatever style you go for, this gift will be a cosy addition to your loved ones’ living space.

boxes of wood fuel products on a hearth rug in front of a fire

Fireside Companion Set

All homes with fireplaces need a fireside companion set, which is why it makes such a practical and thoughtful choice of gift. A good quality companion set should contain everything your loved ones need to tend to the fire safely and efficiently. This will include a poker, tongs, a shovel and a brush. The most traditional companion sets are made from steel or cast iron, however you can also find more modern sets in brass and copper.

Firewood Bundle

Give the gift of heat this Christmas with a Lekto firewood bundle. This is a fantastic gift for loved ones who live in homes with fireplaces, providing them with everything they need to create the perfect, cosy fire. One of our favourite firewood bundles is the All Mini Pack Bundle that contains a variety of different Lekto products to try including Hardwood Heat Logs, Sawdust Briquettes, Fire Kindling and Natural Firelighters. Buying this bundle will save you £20 compared to buying the products separately. The Perfect Fire Bundle is another fantastic gift for homes with fireplaces. Featuring Kiln Dried Birch Logs, Hardwood Heat Logs and Mini Firelighters, this bundle contains all the ingredients to make the ultimate cosy fire and makes you a total saving of £20.

All Mini Pack firewood bundle on a white background

Log Carrier Basket

A log carrier basket makes a decorative addition to the fireplace, however it’s also a very practical gift for homes with fireplaces. For a traditional look, woven or wicker log carrier baskets make a charming addition to the living room, and offer a practical solution for storing logs in style. Canvas log storage baskets are another great option and available in a range of colours to suit different home decor schemes.This is the perfect gift idea for helping loved ones complete the look of their fireplace.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

Another practical gift idea for those who own homes with fireplaces is a high quality pair of heat-resistant gloves. Heat-resistant gloves are an essential accessory for homes with fireplaces, allowing homeowners to set up the firewood and tend to the fire safely without injuring themselves. A good quality pair of heat-resistant gloves will last them a number of years and be a much appreciated gift for Christmas.