3 Reasons To Build Up Your Winter Firewood Supply In Summer

Lounge With Log burner and stacks of firewood

The past year has flown by in a flash, and we’ve finally arrived at the very last few weeks of summer, whether we like it or not!

Potential heatwaves aside, August is definitely not the favourite time of the year for BBQ masters and grill enthusiasts, as barbecue parties become a little more sporadic and every new weekend cookout feels like it could be the last.

At the same time, however, the end of summer makes for a long-awaited time for savvy shoppers who are looking to stock up on all their preferred wood fuels for the most convenient price.

But why is shopping for your go-to wood fuel in August so beneficial, and why should you start considering building your whole firewood supply at this time?

Here are three reasons why savvy shoppers should look at the last month of summer to stock up on all their autumn and winter essentials:

1. It’s the perfect time to get the lowest prices

You might have already noticed that prices for winter essentials like log burner firewood, briquettes, and kindling tend to increase like clockwork as September rolls around. This is because demand for these products rises considerably as temperatures drop, leading to wood fuel retailers freezing their summer deals and increasing their price tags — it’s just how the game is played, and not planning in advance for it will lose you quite a lot of money in the long run!

So, savvy shoppers looking to save and get all the firewood supply they’re going to need for autumn and winter should make sure to order their seasonal essentials before the end of August to lock in the most convenient prices.

Lounge Setting with Lekto Wood Fuels Hardwood Heat Logs and Natural Firelighters next to a fireplace

On top of getting your log burner wood for the lowest price possible, stocking up in August will ensure you’re taking advantage of the many deals and warehouse clearance sales retailers are likely to be launching during this time!

2. You’ll have more time to store properly

Another great reason why you should restock your firewood supply before the end of summer is that it’ll give you a lot more time to store your winter wood properly and safely.

Getting all the wood fuel products you need at the very last minute leaves you with very little time to understand how your firewood would be best stored to maintain its quality. On top of that, all those urgent delivery fees will add up in no time, so giving yourself plenty of leeway for receiving your firewood order and finding the perfect storage space is a win-win all around!

With a relaxed state of mind and plenty of time to move and store your log burner firewood, you’ll be able to space the job over a couple of days, letting your seasoned wood dry out even more and perhaps, even storing some of your firewood supply outside thanks to the pleasant weather.

3. You can build a smart firewood supply

Finally, stocking up on all the firewood you’ll need for the autumn and winter now will ensure you can think each of your purchases through, leading you to better choices and a fully restocked, “smart” firewood supply!

We’re all prone to making less than ideal decisions when in a rush, so it’s not surprising that many shoppers end up buying the wrong products for their needs or lower quality products in an attempt to save money and order their woodfuels at the very last minute.

Stocking up for the autumn and winter at the end of summer allows you to research your options thoroughly, ensuring you’re building a high-quality, long-lasting firewood supply to power through the colder months with no added hassles and headaches — all for the lowest price!

Stock Up & Stack Up - You'll Thank Us Later!

So, are you ready to make a smart move, think ahead, and stock up on all or most of the firewood you’ll need to cosy up throughout the winter?

Lekto Wood Fuels Kiln Dried Firewood logs piled up on top of and below a bench seat

Whether you’re looking for log burner wood, briquettes, firelighters, or kindling, ordering your winter stack on Lekto Woodfuels will guarantee you get the best deal and the best quality, as long as you act fast and take advantage of our low August prices!

And if you’re concerned about having enough indoor storage space to keep your firewood supply safe for later use, we have some good news for you: This is also the perfect time to make the most of milder weather by storing your firewood outdoors.