How To Conserve Heat In Your Home & Reduce Heating Costs

How To Conserve Heat In Your Home & Reduce Heating Costs

It’s winter. You have your wood fuels, and you are feeling warm and toasty, but your heating costs have gone up considerably. As you sit by your fire, watching flames and sipping on that 'Classic Winter Warmers To Help Keep You Warm Over Winter' one might wonder ‘what could be done to reduce heating cost and save energy in winter?’.

Here, at Lekto Woodfuels we know how to keep you warm and even have prepared some good, old tested tips and tricks that you can implement right away to conserve heat in your home and reduce heating costs. Where to start? Keep on reading, and you will find out…

Do a throughout inspection of your house.

Better be safe than sorry or as the old saying goes better to have a lower heating bill and reduce heating costs. Check your windows, door frames, ventilation hatches, maybe there is an open and forgotten window in your attic still from the summertime? Can you feel the draft coming from your cat/ dog door? What about your letterbox? Even that tiny space in big enough to cause an air leak and let the warmth out. Keyhole? Can you install a movable latch/ lid in front of it?

Once you have assessed, it’s time to act.

If your house has big windows, make sure they are double glazed. If it’s too late to do that, install thicker curtains, they will keep the warm air in and stop the cold from seeping through the glass. To save energy in winter, if you have central heating and your radiators are in front of the window, lift your curtains, so they do not block the heat.

What about the backdoor to your garden or your garage?

Have a look at the door frame and check if it still closes properly. Are there any gaps, especially at the bottom? Wooden doors dry out in summer and can change the shape slightly during the colder months. Once closed, can you see any gaps between the doorframe and the doors? Pay extra attention to the space between the floor and door frame. Many houses have beautiful glass panes that are great decorative elements, but glass conducts considerably more heat than their surrounding walls in most homes as the temperature drops. It’s time to seal the gaps and if you can put in front of the backdoors a thick curtain or even a fashionable rug. Make sure it’s long enough to cover the doorframe and put some weight at the bottom to stop the air leaks.

You perimeter is secured. What about the inside?

Is you wood burner open and the fan is working pushing the warm air further into the house? If any bigger furniture blocks it, it’s time to move them aside for the air to circulate. Waking up to a cold house is no fun. Remember to adjust your thermostat. Are you home all day? When do you need the warmth the most? Early mornings, late afternoons? What about night time? It’s better for your sleep and-your heating bill to turn down the thermostat by a few degrees during the night time. Don’t want to wake up to a cold home? Sure. After you have used your wood burner all day, it’s time to throw on few Lekto Night Briquettes, perfect for a long, slow burn on your fire keeping your home warm and your heating bills low throughout the winter.

These were four tips with actionable step by step suggestions on How To Conserve Heat In Your Home & Reduce Heating Costs right away. We hope you found them useful, stay warm and toasty!

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