5 Benefits Of Lekto Wood Fuels’ Kiln-Dried Firewood

5 Benefits Of Lekto Wood Fuels’ Kiln-Dried Firewood

Why is Lekto Kiln-Dried Firewood so brilliant? Well, it’s premium firewood, and it’s kiln-dried. But what’s the big deal with kiln dried logs and why one should not use seasoned firewood? Well, the difference between kind dried and seasoned logs truly is huge.

As its name may imply, Kiln-Dried Firewood is produced when ‘green wood’ (recently chopped wood with a moisture content of around100%) is placed in a large kiln that has been specifically designed to season firewood and dried at a certain temperature for a certain period of time. Kiln-Dried Firewood is the output of a process that reduces the moisture content of newly chopped wood to 20% or less. 

Kiln drying wood is only one method of reducing the moisture content of recently chopped ‘green wood’, however, with ‘seasoned firewood’ being another kind that you’ve probably also seen. For those not familiar with the term, seasoned firewood is wood that has sufficiently dried to or below a 30% moisture content level either by ageing the wood outdoors in the open or with overhead protection. Not optimal, but still good.

While Seasoned Wood is still a popular choice, Kiln-Dried is, in our opinion, considerably better. Still unsure why? Worry not! Whether you use open fire, pizza ovens, fire pits and chimineas or a good old wood burner here are 5 benefits of Lekto WoodFuels’ Kiln-Dried Firewood:


1. Do you like spiders and bugs? No? Well, we have good news for you! Lekto Kiln-Dried Firewood logs are handpicked and stored in beautifully pristine boxes to ensure they’re bug-free. No more creepy crawlies, mould or fungus. 

2. Hate plastic? Because we do…If you are forward-thinking, care about the environment, and want to live on a cleaner planet, kiln dried logs are the firewood for you. Lekto kiln dried logs come in cardboard packaging that’s 100% plastic-free and easily recyclable, so you can buy it with peace of mind knowing that your kiln-dried wood is not only good for your fireplace but the planet as well.
3. Do you like to dress up your living room and make it Instagram worthy? With these logs, you can do so. They are not only great firewood but also a great accessory to make your home feel rustic and look more aesthetically pleasing. They are cut to a consistent size and make for fantastic decor while sitting nest to your fireplace.  Just to remind you though, make sure they are kept at a safe distance by placing them at least 3-4 feet away from your fireplace or wood burner.
4. Kiln-dried firewood is great for wood burners and fire-pits as it produces bright flames, minimal smoke, has a high heat output and burns cleanly. Why? Glad you asked: Lekto Kiln-Dried Firewood moisture content is less than 20%. This means the logs can burn more cleanly, producing less smoke and more heat than wet wood.
5. Another benefit of their low moisture content is that kiln-dried firewood is fuss-free and always ready to burn. All you need is a bit of kindling and 1 or 2 Natural Firelighters and you will have a roaring fire in minutes! No need to watch it over and make sure it doesn’t go out as It might happen with wet wood or seasoned logs. Easy peasy! 

To summarise why Lekto Kiln-Dried Firewood is the best firewood:

  • Ready to burn immediately
  • Easier to light and stays lit
  • High burning temperature
  • Bright flame but low smoke
  • Free of bugs, fungus, and mould
  • Serves a decorative purpose while not in use
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging (plastic-free)


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