5 Creative Log Burner Decor Ideas for Rustic Homes

Outdoor log burner next to a wonderfully decorated patio area

In the last few years, log burners have become an increasingly popular choice for both decorating and heating up homes, thanks to the growing variety of styles and materials used as well as the sustainable, cost-efficient benefits they provide.

It’s no secret that adding a wood-burning stove to your living room can effortlessly tie the room together and bring a homely, comforting feel to the space.

There’s nothing that feels quite as relaxing as putting your feet up in front of the crackling fire, especially on a cold day like the ones we’ve been experiencing in the past week!

But while any style of wood-burning stove will give your home the cosy atmosphere you’re after, there are some decorations you can add to the inside of your log burner or just around it that will help elevate the atmosphere of rustic homes to whole new heights.

Here are some of our favourite log burner decor ideas for rustic homes that you can easily incorporate into your living room (or even garden) to bring new life to the environment around your log burner, perfect for every season!

1. Log Burner Beams

While not all log burner decor ideas need permanent fixings or intensive redecorating, fitting your wood-burning stove with a classic wooden beam can be of great help when trying to achieve a more rustic feel.

Placing a wooden beam right above your burner is one of the most popular options for redecorating its surroundings, and the solution pairs well with both traditional log burners and more contemporary styles.

Oak and pine are classic choices for what hardwood to use for your beam, though you should always make sure to keep them at a safe distance from your appliance as the wood is, of course, combustible.

For an even more rustic atmosphere, you can choose to place different decorations on the surface of your beam as well, like pinecones, seashells, and other natural features.

2. Log Burner Fireplace

If you have enough space and capacity to incorporate a fireplace into your log burner chimney, fitting your wood-burning stove with one will help you create an entirely new, cosier, and more traditional atmosphere.

Fireplaces come in an array of different styles and materials, from limestone to stone and granite. For a safe, practical, and beautifully rustic feel, you can choose to fit a darker-coloured fireplace and decorate it with more natural motifs.

3. Fairy Lights

Now, with bigger fixes like fireplaces and beams out of the way, let’s get to the smaller and creative log burner decor ideas that you can easily start setting up over the weekend.

Fairly lights are a must-have for any home wishing to make rooms cosier on a budget, as they can easily be moved around on a whim and placed creatively around to not only light up the room in seconds but also give it a whole lot of extra character.

When it comes to log burner decor, you can choose to wrap fairy light around the displayed logs to pull the attention on the area when your stove is not in use, or simply fix a couple of fairy light strings around the fireplace or log burner beam.

It’s a really simple change in decor that can shift the atmosphere of the room entirely as the sun starts setting!

4. Candles

Similarly, adding little tealights or bigger candles on top of your beam or inside your log burner if you’re not burning any wood fuels is another simple and inexpensive way of adding a touch of rustic cosiness to your wood-burning room.

Burning stacked candles in your stove instead of getting a real, powerful fire going is also a great alternative for lighting up the room over the summer months without adding unwanted heat. By making your wood-burning stove a centrepiece rather than a simple appliance, you can get a lot more use out of it throughout the year!

5. Firewood Storage

Finally, finding a more creative way of storing and stacking your firewood will help you create a more rustic, rugged atmosphere without much effort.

If you’re not a fan of the more sleek, modern firewood storage solutions that are becoming more popular in minimalistic homes, you can easily use the furniture you already have to store and put your most beautiful logs on display.

Heavy-duty, wooden bookcases and woven baskets are both great choices for creating that effortless rustic feel, and you can easily place them on either side of your stove as a means of naturally framing your appliance for extra decor points!

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