5 Essential Wood Burner Cooking Accessories & Tools

A Wood Burner At Dusk With a Box of Lekto Wood Fuels Kiln Dried Firewood in front of it

In recent years, wood burners have become a popular choice for conscious households looking to generate a more sustainable, cost-efficient, and cleaner heat to keep the home warm, all while adding a touch of personality to their living room.

From a carbon emission perspective, in fact, using a wood-burning stove as your home’s source of heat can help make your energy consumption greener, as long as you are using sustainably sourced and produced wood fuels that have been properly seasoned to contain a moisture level of below 20%.

Energy costs and environmental considerations aside, home decor enthusiasts are also attracted to the look and feel of wood burners, as they are effortlessly able to change a room’s atmosphere from plain to cosy, adding either a hyper-modern or classic rustic touch depending on the chosen style.

If you’ve long been thinking about adding a wood burner to your spring shopping wish list and researching how to make the most out of this increasingly popular appliance, you’ve probably come across long lists of wood-burning stove cooking accessories to elevate your wood-burning experience with a little stovetop cooking.

But what are the most essentials wood burner cooking accessories you should consider investing in to make the most out of your stove?

Here are our recommendations for tools and accessories that will truly be worth your time and money in the long run, no matter your wood-burning needs!

1. Fire Screens & Guards

As safety should come before everything else when playing with fire, investing in a fire screen is one of the most important purchases you can make to keep your floor clean and the little ones in your family safe.

This accessory is a must-have if you have children or pets around the house, as it creates a barrier between the fire and the rest of your home while sparing your floor from rogue sparks at the same time.

Nowadays, you can get a modern, glass or iron fire screen to fit the personality of your wood-burning room or even choose a bulkier, more intricate fire guard instead.

2. Cooking Plates & Toasting Forks

Another modern must-have tool for indoor wood burners is a sturdy cooking plate, specially designed for cooking a variety of comforting dishes, from casseroles to roasted potatoes.

Adding a cooking plate allows you to turn the top of the stove into a handy cooking surface able to hold different pots and pans while distributing the heat equally, just make sure your log burner has a rear flue system first to be able to use it!

A more zany addition to your wood burner cooking accessories is a magnetic toasting fork, perfect for toasting bread (or even marshmallows!) in front of the fire without having to hold the fork yourself.

3. Log Storage

If you’re looking for a stylish and compact way to keep your logs stored, look no further than a freestanding log holder, now increasingly popular for keeping your wood fuels of choice stored right next to your wood burner for easy access.

Wood stored under an outdoor wood burner with a dog in front
While a modern iron log holder might complement some homes better, you can always opt for a cosier and more rustic wicker basket instead, which also makes for a perfect solution for storing your firelighters and kindling.

4. Stove Thermometer

Wood-burning stoves have no way of informing you what temperature they are operating at, which might be as much of a challenge for wood burner cooking newbies as for families looking to save energy and energy costs with more efficient wood burning.

That’s why investing in a stove thermometer is one of the best ways to make sure your appliance is running as efficiently as you want it to be. Most thermometers will magnetically attach to your wood burner’s flue pipe, measuring how hot or how cold your stove is running and helping you manage your fire better.

5. Companion Sets

Finally, we have the classic companion set, now coming in various styles and materials for holding all the essential tools you need to operate your wood burner.

The tools coming with your set include pokers, brushes, shovels, and log tongs, all non-negotiable for managing your fire and keep it burning bright throughout, while keeping your appliance clean from ash and soot.

The Best Firewood For Your Wood Burner, Sorted

While wood-burning enthusiasts can take their pick of wood burner cooking accessories and experiment with different tools as they please, the choice for the best wood fuels to use is a lot more straightforward: Extra-dry logs that burn cleaner and brighter, producing less smoke and burning longer.

So, if you’re looking for reliable and sustainable wood fuels to treat your new appliance to the best the market can offer, you’ll be guaranteed to find what you’re looking for browsing our collection of natural, sustainable, and high-performing wood fuels, from highly versatile Kiln-Dried Logs to economical sawdust briquettes!