5 Reasons To Have A Campfire This Summer

5 Reasons To Have A Campfire This Summer

With summer, the desire to go exploring is certainly at its strongest.

And whether that exploration includes camping out under the stars or not, you’d be wise to take a few Night Briquettes or Heat Logs with you. Summer nights are, after all, the ideal time for a campfire for a number of reasons and not just the obvious, but we’ll start there anyway...   

Keeps you warm

Yes, even though it’s the warmer part of the year, that doesn’t stop the evenings coming in with a chill. So, be sure to pack a couple of hardwood logs in your backpack so that everyone can sleep in comforting warmth. Night burning briquettes can last for up to 8 hours, so they are perfect if you are looking to keep the fire burning until the morning.

Provides a beacon for your site

Should it be getting dark or if you’re planning on bedding down for the night, a campfire - whether it’s roaring or just burning nicely - can act as a fantastic beacon to members of your party who may get disoriented when out, answering nature’s call.

Keeps pests away

Lekto’s hardwood fire logs and softwood briquettes cannot guarantee a smokeless fire - but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

When enjoying the great outdoors, you don’t want to be pestered by mosquitoes and other bugs, so a fire is perfect for repelling any creepy-crawlies, as they cannot stand smoke and will actively scurry away from it, in turn ensuring you have a pest-free sleep.

Makes for great cooking 

As explored in previous blogs, a campfire provided by logs or briquettes can create a wonderful experience with regards to cooking large meals or even small snacks, such as smores (otherwise known as s’mores). No matter how many hungry mouths you have to feed, Lekto’s hardwood logs and night-burning briquettes can create a large enough fire to sufficiently and safely cook food for everyone.

Makes for great teamwork/social interaction

Before you actually bed down for the night, a campfire makes for a really wonderful social activity. As well as unpacking your logs and/or briquettes, if you have any young ones with you, they can place a piece of your chosen wood fuel onto the fire (preferably before you have set it alight) and say something they are grateful for in their lives or mention someone who has helped them recently. 

There is something rather magical about gathering around a fire with the people you share a special bond with. Watching the flames flicker off the heat logs can be an incredibly therapeutic experience for people of any age. 

Speaking of age, it might also be a good idea to share spooky stories if your young people are up for being terrified.