7 Reasons To Get A Wood Burner In 2021

An indoor wood burner in a rustic lounge, surrounded by heat logs

Wood burners have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over recent years and they’re gradually becoming more and more common as a source of heat in people’s homes. There are many reasons for this, such as their advantages over open fireplaces, being a carbon-neutral source of heating or even something as simple as saving money. Here are 7 reasons why you should invest in an indoor wood burner for your home in 2021.

  1.       Wood burners save money

One of the main attractions of an indoor wood burner is the cost-saving potential it has over standard gas and electric heating. Using a good, dry, fuel source such as kiln-dried hardwood logs will make sure that you will stay toasty in your home while saving money on heating at the same time.

Indoor Log Burner In a kitchen setting, surrounded by Lekto Wood Fuels' products
  1.     Burning wood is a carbon-neutral and renewable source of fuel

While wood releases carbon dioxide when burned, it is an entirely renewable and carbon-neutral choice of fuel. This is because the released CO2 was what was absorbed by the tree in life, and as long as another tree is planted for each one used for fuel, the carbon cycle remains intact and won’t adversely impact global warming. However, some fuel sources release pollutants when burned so make sure you use properly dried heat logs or briquettes for burning stoves, such as Lekto’s Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs.

2 dogs in front of a wood burning stove
  1.       An indoor wood burner is much more effective than an open fire

In terms of efficiency, indoor wood burners are far more effective than an open fireplace. Open fires normally have around 20% efficiency and lose a lot of heat because it tends to rise through the chimney. On the other hand, a wood burner will come out with an impressive 80% efficiency on average and can be put in any room you want to have it in. For four times the warmth you get out of your heat logs and the versatility for where you want to put it, an indoor wood burner can’t be beaten.

A large mirror above a hearth
  1.     Be independent from energy suppliers

If you don’t want to increase the burden of the ever-mounting costs of gas and electricity on yourself, heating your home through a wood burner is a fantastic alternative. Using briquettes for burning stoves, you can heat the room you are in while using minimal resources at a time or you can use kiln-dried hardwood logs if you plan on staying for longer and don’t mind using extra fuel. The rest of your house can stay reasonably cool or you can use central heating to provide extra heat in your home if you need it. Either way, you’re keeping yourself more independent of big energy providers to both keep costs down and prevent loss of heating in case your gas or electricity are cut.

A cosy fireplace in a rustic home
  1.     Create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere for your home

If you want to create the perfect homely feel, there is no better way to do so than with an indoor wood burner. Nothing beats a crackling flame and the scent of burning firewood on a cold evening. If this kind of peaceful paradise that everyone is always seeking for their homes sounds ideal to you then you should absolutely pick up a wood-burning stove for yourself and your family as soon as possible.

Box of Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs and kiln dried hardwood logs on a carpet in front of a log burner
  1.     Take advantage of Airwash and Cleanburn technology

Most wood burners take advantage of Airwash and Cleanburn technology which will make keeping your stove clean a lot easier. By drawing air through the top of the stove and directing it down to the glass panel, Airwash technology creates a barrier between the fire and the glass. This prevents the fire from covering the glass in soot. In tandem with this, Cleanburn will create a flow of warm air just above the flame which will burn up any hydrocarbons in the smoke and provide a cleaner burn and keep the heat in the room instead of escaping via the chimney.

2 glasses of red wine on a table in front of a fireplace
  1.     Indoor wood burners are incredibly safe

A wood burner is not only cost-effective and a great way to make cosy-up a room. They’re also very safe. Where an open fireplace may occasionally spew stray sparks or coals, indoor wood burners are enclosed with glass panels to give you both a safe source of heat and a beautiful view of the fire. Any wood burner enthusiast would tell you it’s a guaranteed win-win.

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