8 Reasons Why You Should Try Our Hardwood Heat Logs

8 Reasons Why You Should Try Our Hardwood Heat Logs

Here are just a few reasons why Hardwood Heat Logs could be a better alternative to traditional firewood:


  1. They’re extra dry

Hardwood Heat Logs contain less than 9% moisture content (kiln-dried firewood contains 20% moisture, while seasoned firewood contains 40% moisture). This makes it easier to store and ensures that, unlike firewood, your Heat logs are always ready for use.


  1. They create a massive heat output

Because they contain such a low moisture content, Hardwood Heat Logs will burn for longer than their traditional alternative and create more heat.

Additionally, the Heat Logs are a very clean burn, leaving very little ash behind after use.


  1. They’re 100% natural and environmentally friendly

We are proud that our Hardwood Heat Logs are produced from 100% hardwood sawdust. All raw materials have been sourced from sustainable forests and, because no chemicals are added during processing, their ash can be used to fertilize your garden once it's burnt. Try 20kg Mini pack and feel the difference!


  1. They come in clean and accessible packaging

Lekto has designed the packaging for their Hardwood Heat Logs with storage in mind. Each mini-pack contains 10 heat logs that are all a consistent size, meaning they don’t take up too much space.


  1. Once lit, they make a bright and beautiful flame

Hardwood Heat Logs are perfect for cosy nights in with your loved one or for when it’s blanket-weather and the family are in the mood for toasting marshmallows.

Whatever the situation, the very low moisture content of the heat logs will create this almost hypnotic vision, not to mention some incredibly joyful memories. 


  1. They’re easy to light

Because of their compressed design, Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs are considerably easy to light. This makes them the ideal solution for those cold nights when you’re in need of quick and effective heat.

So, whether you are looking to bring warmth around the fire pit or if you’re considering a barbecue, you and your loved ones will not have to wait too long before feeling the warmth or before your food is suitably and safely cooked. Click here to order now and beat the price increase!


  1. They fit 99.9% wood burners

Lekto has purposely made their heat logs easy to break into smaller pieces so that they can fit into most wood burners, open fires, stoves and BBQs without the use of tools.

It is this accessibility that Lekto is proud of, as we believe in there not being any obstacles between yourselves and the warmth you require.


  1. Hardwood Heat Logs leave minimal ash

Our heat logs have been designed to create a very clean burn. While traditional firewood may leave some waste and create heavy smoke, our hardwood alternative will leave very little ash and what is left can be used to fertilize your garden once it has burnt.


With quick and effective efficiency, Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs can burn brightly, whilst creating more long-lasting heat than many of the alternative options. Furthermore, with no chemical additives used during their processing, they are economically friendly and are great for BBQs, pizza ovens, chimineas and log burners.


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