A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Fire With Lekto's Heat Logs and Night Briquettes

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Fire With Lekto's Heat Logs and Night Briquettes

With the cold nights coming in, we are eager to share how Lekto Night Briquettes and Heat Logs can keep you warm this winter.

Here is our handy guide of how to build a fire and get the most out of your Lekto products.


  1. If you have a wood-burning stove, a log burner or a chiminea, open the air controls fully and make sure it has maximum air supply – this will ensure your fire burns nicely and that your home is warming up as effectively as possible.
  1. With some kindling and a few firelighters, build a small pyramid in the middle of your stove. There should be space in between the kindling and firelighters for the air to get in and feed the fire.
  1. Once you have lit the firelighters, the kindling should catch fire soon after. Keep the door or lid of the stove open for approximately an inch, to allow for continuous airflow. For obvious safety reasons, do not leave the room while the door to your burner is open.
  1. Once the kindling is burning nicely, add heat logs, but do not smother the fire, as it will go out pretty quickly. We recommend to break the heat log in 2 or more pieces as they expand in size.
  1. As soon as the logs are sufficiently alight, close the door of your chiminea or wood burner. You can always adjust your air vents, so that your wood burns for longer and you can always open the doors again to add more heat logs, should the fire die down.
  1. If you’re approaching evening-time and would like to keep the fire going throughout the night, add 2-3 Night Briquettes to your fire before any heat log flames die out. A pre-heated stove is a perfect environment for a briquette to alight and stay lit for its maximum length of 8 hours.

When placing the briquettes inside your stove, be sure to get them in the right position first time. Once inside your burner, they should not be moved. By keeping them in the same spot, the pre-existing embers will allow the briquettes to slowly burn from the outside to its centre, making the heat last longer.

  1. As the briquettes catch fire leave the air intake open.

  2. When they have caught fire, air intake should be reduced to minimal. This will result in a longer burn time for your fire. If you don't know how to set your stove for a long burn time, make sure to check the operating manual for your particular stove.

  3. If necessary, you can place an additional briquette in the stove.

  4. Enjoy even and long-lasting heat from Lekot Night Briquettes.


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