All You Need to Know About Lekto | History, Products, Headquarters & Facts

All You Need to Know About Lekto | History, Products, Headquarters & Facts

Welcome to the essential guide to Lekto Woodfuels Ltd., the UK's leading brand of quality kiln-dried firewood and briquettes. In this article, we'll cover everything from the North Shields-based company's history and key products like Night Briquettes and Heat Logs to insights on the company's headquarters and operations.

Discover the benefits of our products, learn about available discount codes, and read what customers have to say about it in reviews. We’ll also guide you on where best to buy Lekto products and how to get the best value. So whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned user, this guide is your go-to resource for all things Lekto. Let’s dive in.

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What Is Lekto Woodfuels? Company Facts

Lekto Woodfuels Ltd. is a North Shields-based British online supplier of high-quality Ready to Burn kiln-dried firewood, wood briquettes, and fire-starting products. Lekto is known primarily for its 8-Hour Night Briquettes, which are the UK’s longest-burning and most economical wood fuel product. They offer free UK delivery on orders over £75.

Lekto Woodfuels Ltd Company Information 

According to their official Companies House entry, Lekto Woodfuels Ltd is a Private Limited Company based in North Shields, Tyne & Wear. It was incorporated on June 10, 2016, with company number 10226075 as Lekto Woodfuel Ltd. The company’s legal address is Unit 2-4 Protection House, Albion Road, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, England, NE30 2RH.

Further information can be found on Lekto’s Companies House page.

Lekto Fuels Previous Names

The company was originally incorporated as  Lekto Woodfuel Ltd., with the word “woodfuel” in the singular form. The name was changed to its current name of Lekto Woodfuels Ltd. (with the plural “woodfuels”) on August 18, 2016. The change was made to reflect the fact that Lekto sells a wide variety of wood heating fuel products.

Cat lying on a rug in front with a cosy Lekto fire in the background

Are Lekto Woodfuels Products Ready to Burn Certified?

Yes, all Lekto Woodfuels firewood and briquette products are fully certified according to Defra’s Ready to Burn quality standard. All wood fuels certified according to this standard are certified to contain no more than 20% moisture. This means that they burn safely, efficiently, and with minimal smoke. Read our ultimate guide to Defra’s Ready to Burn standard.

Lekto Woodfuels Ready to Burn Certification Information



Kiln-Dried Wood Kindling


Hardwood Heat Logs


Kiln-Dried Birch Logs


Kiln-Dried Oak Logs


Kiln-Dried Ash Logs


Night Briquettes


Sawdust Briquettes


Pini Kay Eco Logs


Nestro Softwood Logs


Fire Logs


Lekto Woodfuels Products

Lekto sells a wide variety of high-quality wood heating products, including kiln-dried logs, hardwood and softwood briquettes, kindling, and natural kerosene-free firelighters. As of May 9, 2024, the company sells 12 different products. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Lekto’s Selection of Wood Briquette Products

Lekto is known primarily for its innovative selection of wood briquette products. The company sells 6 different types of premium wood biomass briquette products, from traditional sawdust briquettes (aka RUF briquettes) to ultra-modern Night Briquettes, Pini Kay Eco Logs, and Fire Logs. Here is a short introduction to the current selection of Lekto briquettes.

8-Hour Night Briquettes | Product Information

Lekto Woodfuels’ Night Briquettes are the company’s flagship product. Sometimes referred to as night bricks by consumers, these long-burning softwood bark briquettes can last up to 4 times longer than conventional sawdust briquettes. This makes them by far the UK’s longest-lasting wood fuel. They are extremely popular with consumers as they help households save money on heating by reducing their overall wood fuel consumption.

Purchase Lekto NIGHT® Briquettes today or visit the official product website to learn more.

Hardwood Heat Logs | Product Information

Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs are the company’s second most popular wood fuel product. Each log contains more energy than the battery of a typical plug-in hybrid vehicle. Thanks to a special ventilation opening at the log’s centre, Hardwood Heat Logs can release that heat super quickly. The result? The UK’s fastest-heating, hottest-burning wood fuel. Hardwood Heat Logs can heat up any room in just 5 minutes. And they’re perfect for use during the winter.

Kiln-Dried Logs and Kindling in front of a burning fireplace

Nestro Softwood Logs | Product Information

Being made of less expensive softwood sawdust, rather than premium hardwood sawdust, Nestro Softwood Logs are a less expensive version of Hardwood Heat Logs. They feature the same shape and provide almost as much heat as Hardwood Heat Logs.

Universal Fire Logs | Product Information

Combining the long burn time of Night Briquettes and the high heat output of Hardwood Heat Logs, Lekto Fire Logs is the company’s attempt to create a truly universal wood fuel. The result? A fuel that burns at a high temperature and for upwards of 3 hours. Despite only being launched recently, they’ve already become a best-seller.

Sawdust Briquettes | Product Information

Having first appeared in Britain at the end of the 19th century, Sawdust Briquettes are the most traditional wood briquette type out there. Sometimes called RUF briquettes, these are made by compacting dry sawdust with an industrial pressing rod. They have similar burning characteristics to traditional firewood, which makes them perfect for first-time briquette users.

Pini Kay Eco Logs | Product Information

Positioned as a premium product, Pini Kay Eco Logs are a no-fuss, set-and-forget wood fuel that is perfect for situations when you want a great-looking fire. Their no-roll shape and no-expand coating make them the most stress-free wood fuel out there. And their ventilation opening guarantees that you’ll get a great-looking fire every single time.

Lekto Firewood Logs

In addition to wood briquettes, Lekto sells high-quality kiln-dried firewood. There are currently three kinds of Lekto wood logs available: birch, oak, and ash. Each of these types has its own distinct advantages, burning characteristics, and perfect use case.

Kiln-Dried Birch Firewood Logs | Product Information

Made from premium birch and kiln-dried to extra low moisture, Lekto’s Kiln-Dried Birch Logs are affordably priced, burn beautifully, and are super easy to use. Thanks to this great mixture of characteristics, birch logs are Lekto’s most popular wood log product.

Kiln-Dried Oak Logs | Product Information

Being a premium fire wood offering, Kiln-Dried Oak Logs burn longer and hotter than any other type of wood logs. Thanks to their amazing burning characteristics, they are perfect for winter heating and high-heat cooking. They’ll keep you warm even in the coldest winter nights and will help you cook the perfect pizza and sear the perfect steak.

Kiln-Dried Ash Logs | Product Information

Ash firewood is the UK’s most popular type of kiln-dried logs. Being understandable and easy to use, they’ve been warming British homes for centuries. They have a similar heat output to oak logs but are much easier to light. Choose them if you’re after the authentic British experience.

Cats resting on a box of Lekto Night Briquettes

Fire Starting Products

In addition to wood fuels, Lekto sells a wide variety of fire-starting products. These include the UK’s highest-rated Natural Firelights and premium kiln-dried wood kindling.

Natural Firelighters  | Product Information

Made of premium wood wool and a thin coating of all-natural wax, Lekto Natural Firelighters are the UK’s highest-rated brand of kerosene-free firelighters. Being physically larger, Lekto firelighters burn twice as long as chemical options and provide far more heat. This means that you’ll only need a single firelighter to start any fire. Each box contains 250 firelighters, which is enough to last the vast majority of customers for an entire year.

Quality Wood Kindling | Product Information

Lekto’s premium kiln-dried fire kindling sticks make lighting any fire effortless. Made from sustainably sourced spruce and pine, Lekto Wood Kindling is dried to a moisture content of under 10%. This makes it super to light and a perfect companion to Natural Firelighters.

Box of Lekto Sawdust RUF Briquettes in front of a burning wood stove

Lekto Woodfuels Discounts, Promo Codes, and Value Bundles

Looking for Lekto discounts, promotions, and clearance sales? Here’s everything you need to know about all of the ways you can save money on Lekto Woodfuels Ltd. products.

Lekto Woodfuels Discount Codes

The best way to get the latest Lekto discount code is to go to, scroll down, and enter your email address in the SIGN UP AND SAVE form. This way, the latest Lekto Woodfuels discount code will come right to you as soon as they’re announced. Another way to find the latest Lekto fuels discount code is to click the Deals page at the top of the page.

Lekto Value Bundles

Want to get a bulk discount on Lekto products without ordering any one product in bulk? Then Lekto’s Value Bundles are the perfect solution for you. Simply choose the bundle that suits you best, and you’ll get lucrative discounts and/or free wood fuel products. 

Lekto Woodfuels Reviews

As of May 2024, Lekto’s official Trustpilot page has an excellent rating of 4.6 based on over 22,000 reviews. According to Lekto wood fuels reviews, the company is liked for its innovative next-gen briquette products, convenient packaging, fast UK-wide delivery, and great customer support.

Negative Lekto reviews are few and far between, and they typically concern the behaviour DPD couriers, which the company uses for delivery. Negative Lekto woodfuels reviews are always responded to by the company and solutions are sought.

Lekto 5 star customer from Rosemary Edwards-Bosworth

The latest Lekto customer review as of May 17, 2024.

Lekto Night Briquettes Reviews

Based on thousands of Lekto Night Briquettes reviews, they are the longest-burning, most economical wood fuel available for purchase in the UK. Nearly every Lekto Night Briquettes review mentions the fact that they burn far longer than traditional firewood and briquettes. Customers love them for the fact that they can help them reduce heating costs by lowering their wood fuel consumption, reducing the amount of storage space required, and the fact that they can be used as overnight logs.

Below is a selection of Lekto Night Briquettes reviews from Trustpilot:

Lekto Night Briquette customer review from Mary from Taunton

The latest Night Briquette review as of May 17, 2024.

Are Lekto Logs Any Good?

According to customer reviews, Lekto’s kiln-dried logs are widely considered to be of superlative quality. They are sourced from sustainably managed forests, split to a uniform size and shape, kiln-dried to extra low moisture content, and packaged in durable, stackable cardboard boxes with in-built handles.

Where to Get Lekto Woodfuels Products

Lekto Woodfuels is the UK’s premium online supplier of firewood logs, wood briquettes, and fire-starting products. Their products can be purchased from any part of the UK using the official Lekto Woodfuels website. Free UK delivery is available on all orders over £75.

Where Can I Find Lekto Stockists Near Me?

Are there any Lekto stockists near me? Yes, there are. Lekto has stockists all over the UK that can organise free, fast UK delivery on all orders over £75. Simply head on to and place an order. Your order will arrive at your doorstep in just a few days.

Simply head on to Lekto’s official website to see the latest selection of Heat Logs, Sawdust Briquettes, Fire Logs, Kiln-Dried Logs, and Lekto Night Briquettes near me.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Night Briquettes Through Resellers?

No, it’s not a good idea to purchase Lekto Night Briquettes through resellers that sell them on eBay, Etsy, and other websites. This is because Lekto operates on a direct-to-consumer model and does not rely on stockists, supermarkets, or resellers to sell its product. Resellers purchase products from the official Lekto website and then sell them at a markup. This means you’ll end up paying a lot more for your Lekto products.

Only buy Lekto products from its official website to get the lowest prices, free delivery, and full customer support.


Screenshot of Lekto Woodfuels Night Briquettes being resold by a stockist on eBay

Lekto products being re-sold at twice their retail price on eBay

Frequently Asked Questions About Lekto Woodfuels

Lekto Night Briquettes How to Use Guide

Here’s an official guide on how to use Lekto Night Briquettes:

  • Step 1: Preheat your appliance with other wood fuels. Start the fire with your regular wood fuel. This can be kiln-dried logs, sawdust briquettes, fire logs, or hardwood heat logs.
  • Step 2: Increase airflow. Once your primary fuel has burned down to embers, open up the ventilation controls of your appliance to the maximum airflow setting.
  • Step 3: Add your Night Briquettes. Place between 2 to 3 Night Briquettes on top of the dying embers and wait for them to catch fire.
  • Step 4: Lower the air intake. Once your Night Briquettes are burning nicely, set your airflow controls to the lowest setting to get the desired 8 hour burn time.

NB! To ensure optimal performance, all Lekto products must be stored in a dry, ventilated space after being opened. Burn time of 8 hours is reachable in the vast majority of circumstances. The size and condition of your appliance may influence the burn time you’ll get.

Photo of Lekto Kiln-Dried Oak Logs lying in front of a burning wood stove

What Are Lekto Briquettes Made of?

Lekto briquettes are made from sustainably sourced wood biomass. Sawdust Briquettes, Hardwood Heat Logs, and Pini Kay Eco Logs are made from hardwood sawdust. Nestro Softwood Logs and Fire Logs are made from softwood sawdust.

What Are Lekto Night Briquettes Made of?

Lekto Night Briquettes are made from a proprietary mixture of sustainably-sourced softwood bark. This material’s natural properties allow it to burn for a very long time. This is what gives Night Briquettes their advertised 8 hour burn time.

Where Is Lekto Wood Fuels Based?

Lekto Woodfuels’ head office is located in North Shields, Tyne & Wear, whereas the company’s warehouse is located in Newcastle upon Tyne.

What Country Is Lekto Woodfuels From? 

Lekto Woodfuels is a British brand based in North Shields, Tyne and Wear. Their main warehouse is located in neighbouring Newcastle upon Tyne.