Are Heat Logs Better Than Firewood?

Are Heat Logs Better Than Firewood?

If you have just had a wood burning stove or a log burner installed, it’s difficult to know what is the best way of warming up your home. Do you use traditional firewood or are you looking for a quality alternative?

Hardwood Heat Logs provide you with more heat than firewood logs and, as they are stored in compact 20kg packages, you save a lot more space than if you were to use firewood.

As traditional firewood burns much quicker than heat logs, you will need to keep tending to the fire on a more constant basis and will also require more space for storage.

Another comparison to make is the power of heat distribution between fire logs and heat logs. Many have found that, while the traditional firewood quickly warms up your living space, it only heats up the area immediately around the fireplace or wood-burning stove.

Hardwood Heat Logs, however, warms up the whole room and do it much quicker. Furthermore, the heat logs are longer-lasting than firewood logs, meaning less maintenance and not as much room is used for storage.

Many people have also found that, when finding out how to light heat logs, it is in fact, easier than when trying to light fire logs for the wood burning stove.

Additionally, when their log burner or fireplace is not in use and is need of cleaning and maintaining, firewood often leaves more ash and a messy area. Heat logs, on the other hand, creates very little ash and the ash that is left behind is so environmentally-friendly, it can be economically applied as fertilizer for your garden.

Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs are perfect for any wood burner or log burning stove.

They burn completely through, leaving very little behind and are all consistently sized (90mm in diameter and 270mm long), so you are aware of what you are getting.

More compact and more effective than traditional fire logs, Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs are the ideal fuel for your wood burning stove.

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