Are Wood Briquettes Better than Logs For Heating Your Home?

Are Wood Briquettes Better than Logs For Heating Your Home?

Are wood briquettes really better than logs for heating your home? Well, when we look at the facts, the short answer is “yes, absolutely”. Wood Briquettes are better than logs for heating your home for the following 6 reasons...

  1. They’re more cost-effective

Wood briquettes produce more heat than logs and burn for longer, making them quite literally a ‘hot deal’.  Producing approximately 50% more heat than regular logs, Lekto Sawdust Briquettes can burn for up to 3 hours, whilst our Night Briquettes can burn for as long as 8 hours. Equivalent to using 3 or 4 traditional logs, Sawdust Briquettes are a much better choice for heating your home when it comes to saving money. 

  1. They’re better for the environment

Made from 100% pure hardwood birch sawdust, Lekto Sawdust Briquettes are completely chemical-free and sustainably sourced without any trees being cut down in the process. 

What’s even more special about wood briquettes is their incredibly low moisture content. In line with government plans to ban the sale of wet wood by 2023, Lekto wood briquettes have a moisture content of less than 9%. Wood that has been dried out in this way is ‘clean’ meaning it produces far less harmful pollution that traditional wet wood logs. The low moisture content of wood briquettes makes them ‘cleaner’ not only for the environment but quite literally in terms of the minimal mess they produce. This brings us onto point number 3.

  1. They produce less mess

Wood briquettes only leave about 0.3% of their original volume as ash. This means you won’t need to clean out the stove as often as you would when using logs as fuel. As wood briquettes burn cleaner than logs, they cause fewer issues with log flumes and chimneys, which again means you’re likely to save money that might otherwise have to go towards hiring a chimney sweep and other maintenance costs.

  1. They require minimal attendance

Lekto Sawdust Briquettes are designed to catch fire quickly and once lit do not need to be moved around. In fact, in order to guarantee a longer burn time, we actually recommend not moving the briquettes once they’ve started burning. As mentioned above, wood briquettes will burn for hours, and as they don’t spit or expand you can sit back and relax in the warmth without worrying about attending regularly to the fire.

  1. They’re easier to store and handle

Minimal attendance isn’t the only way in which wood briquettes make life easier than using wooden logs. Their consistent shape and size make wood briquettes easy to store compactly without the large space required to store a pile of logs. Lekto Sawdust Briquettes and Night Briquettes are also packaged in small individual bundles meaning you only need to take out what you need when you need it. 

  1. They’re more versatile

Wood briquettes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used in fireplaces, chimineas and multi-fuel stoves as well as on open fires. Lekto Briquettes work 100% effectively as the main source of fuel however can also be used to enhance traditional fires. What’s more, Sawdust Briquettes are perfect for use alongside other Lekto wood fuels, such as our Hardwood Heat Logs. 

Hopefully, these facts have provided you with the confidence to move away from using traditional logs. In case you’d like to refer back to anything we’ve discussed, here’s a handy checklist containing the key points of what makes wood briquettes better than logs for heating your home:

  • More economical 
  • Longer burn
  • Kinder to the environment
  • 100% natural 
  • Cleaner fuel 
  • Minimum mess
  •  Maximum heat 
  • Simple storage
  • Low maintenance 
  • Versatile use

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