Can Fire Logs Be Used In A Stove?

Can Fire Logs Be Used In A Stove?

If you have a wood stove and think you can only use kiln-dried logs in it, you may be missing out on a fantastic source of heat.

Lekto heat logs are made from natural, compressed wood and are perfectly safe for use in stoves and fireplace inserts. 

Low Moisture Content

Our heat logs have a moisture content, less than 9%, which is as good or better than a lot of kiln-dried firewood. What does this mean for you? Well, it makes your heat logs easier to light and lets them burner cleaner with less smoke than traditional timber.

High Heat Output

Each heat log has a calorific value of 5.15kWh/kg, compared to 5.3kWh/kg of kiln-dried wood and for air-dried wood*. This higher value means you get a hotter burn, and therefore a warmer room!

Easy To Store

Each heat log is made to the same shape, size and weight. OK, they don’t have that traditional wood aesthetic, but they are much easier and cleaner to store. Keep them in their protective packaging until you are ready to use them. This prevents any moisture from getting into the wood. 


Lekto Heat Logs are easy to split, making building the fire a simpler task. We recommend splitting logs before use as they will expand as the burn. It’s also advisable to start by adding less than you think you’ll need then adding in more as you see how they burn.

What Else Do I Need?

To get your fire started you can build it using our wood kindling sticks. A single natural firelighter should be enough to get it started. You can also try our long burn night briquettes to keep your stove warm overnight.

Want to try our hardwood heat logs in your stove? Start by ordering a minipack!


*Forest Research