Celebrate National BBQ Week 2021 With Lekto Wood Fuels!

BBQ Meat & Veg skewers and watermelon triangles on a BBQ

The wait is finally over: National BBQ Week 2021 will kick off next week, and with the latest weather forecasts promising a scorching heatwave to hit the UK at the start of July, BBQ enthusiasts are gathering the last few essentials to make this National BBQ Week the most memorable yet.

We’ve already shared some of our favourites BBQ recipes to try out on your next big cookout, and with our brand-new BBQ & Grill selection giving you all the necessary fuel to power you through BBQ Week, we bet you’re already all set to go and looking forward to the big party — tongs and wood chips in hand.

But before you start planning the menu and do a final check of all your wood fuel essentials for the BBQ weekend ahead, let’s take a closer look at what National BBQ Week 2021 is all about!

All You Need to Know About National BBQ Week 2021

National BBQ Week was officially launched in the UK in 1997, remaining one of the country’s most popular Awareness Weeks ever since.

Now approaching its Silver Anniversary (can you believe it’s already been 25 years?), this year’s BBQ Week has actually been postponed from its traditional May spot to July 2nd - July 11th in light of all the restrictions and hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing as May 2021 has been exceptionally cold and rainy, however, few barbecue enthusiasts had anything negative to say about the move, and we’re all looking forward to catching one of the official BBQ Roadshows at our local foodie festival, Covid permitting!

National BBQ Week has always been about fostering a better BBQ culture in Britain, promoting essential fire safety tips, and raising awareness and funds for inspiring charity initiatives. National BBQ Week 2021 will come to the aid of Cure Leukemia, raising funds through the “Barbi for Britain” charity initiative and allowing BBQ enthusiasts to show off their grill skills while helping support lifesaving research.

On top of BBQ mastery tips and tricks from the experts, National BBQ Week also puts plenty of emphasis on safety, highlighting the best practices to keep in mind for safe, healthy, and sustainable BBQs throughout the week. And yes, this includes busting the dangerous myth of burnt meats and veggies being the end-all-be-all telling sign of a good barbecue too! From its very inception back in 1997, National BBQ Week has been about building sustainable traditions and celebrating the wonders of the barbie for the new millennium, so you’ll be able to gain plenty of grill-saving insights by taking a look at the official website.

Finally, National BBQ Week 2021 will also see the return of the BBQ Baptas, allowing all barbecue masters to win incredible prizes by showcasing their skills and recipes, along with funny family moments around the BBQ.

With so many different initiatives and exciting BBQ content to look forward to, this year’s National BBQ Week is certainly shaping up to be one of the best ever, despite all the challenges encountered along the way.

And now, what about making sure you’ve got all that you need to join in the fun?

Celebrate the Great British BBQ with Quality Wood Fuels

There’s no better way to kick off the BBQ Week celebrations than making sure you’re fully stocked up on the best BBQ wood fuels on the market, and if you’re yet to make your big shop or want to try something new for the weekend ahead, there’s no better place to head over to than Lekto Woodfuels.

From BBQ wood chips for smoking to restaurant-grade charcoal and extra-dry kiln-dried firewood, Lekto’s extensive collection of BBQ & Grill products and bundles are the best, most convenient option for igniting your grill throughout the summer and beyond.

Stock up on the essentials you need before the big week and enjoy all the best that the great British BBQ tradition has to offer, on us!