Does A Log Burner Add Value To Your House?

Does A Log Burner Add Value To Your House?

If you already own a log burner or are thinking of getting one installed, one of the questions you may have is “does a log burner add value to your house?”. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that log burners have a lot more practical value than just looking cosy and pretty. Having a log burner installed in your home is a big pull for potential buyers, and it’s widely suggested that a log burner could increase the value of your home by as much as 5%. But why does a log burner add value to your house? Let’s find out!

Adding Character & Authenticity

There’s no doubt that if you’re selling your home you’re going to be faced with huge competition. That’s why it’s essential that your property stands out from the rest. So when discussing the question of “does a log burner add value to your house”, it’s important to emphasise the distinct character and charm that a wood burner brings into the property. There’s nothing more inviting than walking into a cosy room with a roaring fire, and so if potential buyers experience this then it’s going to make your home a lot more appealing to them. Buyers will be looking for a home that’s inviting and packed full of it’s own charm, and having a log burner is just one of the ways to demonstrate this.

fireplace lit up with boxes of Lekto wood fuels in front

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

With increasing concerns about rising energy costs and the state of the environment, buyers will also be focussed on how energy efficient the property is. Installing a log burner makes your home a lot more energy efficient which is more than likely to add value to the property as a whole. Providing you’re using high quality, dry wood fuel that meets Defra’s Ready To Burn standard, and an efficient wood burning appliance i.e one that is not damaged or old, then burning wood is the most efficient method for heating your home. If you don’t yet own a wood burner but are going to install one to add value to your home, you should ensure it meets the Ecodesign standard that the UK has adopted as of 1 January 2022.

Timeless In Style

When thinking about how does a log burner add value to your house, it’s also important to emphasise the timeless style of a wood burner. That’s why they’ve never gone out of fashion. A wood burning stove will suit all interior decor schemes, from modern to vintage, meaning that they appeal to a large market of potential buyers. It’s also a much more aesthetically pleasing way to add heat into a room than placing multiple radiators about the space. It’s important to note that the design of log burners and wood burning stoves has come a long way. You can now buy stoves in all sorts of sleek designs and colours to suit both modern and retro homes.

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Safe & Easy Investment

When asked “does a log burner add value to your house”, it’s important to note that it not only adds value to a home, but it’s also a very safe and cost-effective way of doing so. There are other ways to add value to a property such as converting the loft or renovating the kitchen, however these take an extended period of time and are very costly. Installing a wood burning stove on the other hand, is straightforward and involves minimal disruption. In most cases it will only take a day to install a log burner, making the process timely and easy.

If you have any further queries surrounding the question of “does a log burner add value to your house”, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team for more information.