Enjoy A Winter BBQ - 6 More Tips For Grilling & Chilling

Enjoy A Winter BBQ - 6 More Tips For Grilling & Chilling

Not long ago, we shared 6 of our greatest tips 'How Do You BBQ In The Winter? 6 Tips For Grilling & Chilli' for those thinking of holding a winter barbecue, and now we’re going to finish the job by sharing 6 more. Whether you use a wood-burning stove or prefer charcoal grilling, in the winter, you’ve got to consider a number of things that you probably wouldn’t have to worry about when barbecuing in summer. By following the recommendations below, you ought to ensure that any BBQ in winter goes off without a hitch.

1 - Speed Grilling? Yes, Please!

Have you thought about not only which food tastes good, but also which food can be cooked in under 5 minutes? It’s a winter barbecue after all, so time is of the essence. Think of different finger foods, patties and cheeses which will be grilled within minutes. Another quick and easy winter barbecue recipe idea is BBQ Mini Ribs, and you can read our full recipe here. Forget about high maintenance foods which requite your attention every 5 minutes for the next hours or so. Save it for the summertime.

2 - Can You See the Food?

With a BBQ in winter, you have got to factor in the fact that it gets dark earlier. To combat this, make sure your cooking area is either well-lit by outdoor lamps, or you have a good torch. Ideally, you want to have both. Choosing your lighting in the garden is both practical for your winter barbecue and can be a great romantic touch to create an atmosphere. Use fairy-lights for overall mood and a lot stronger lamp on stand by next to your barbequing area. Try not to use too many cables as they can become a safety issue if you can’t see them in the dark. Please don’t rely on a trailing extension cord as your power source because they are a trip hazard. Using candles might seem like a good idea, but they can fall over very easily on their now, not to mention stronger winds during the winter and if you have children and pets around you must be extra careful.

3 - Protect Your Food at all Costs!

Not that you will be attacked by hungry visitors, it’s to keep your lovely, just grilled food hot! It’s not summer, but a winter barbecue and while you might be getting hot from grilling and entertaining your guests your food can get cold very quickly. Find a cast iron or ceramic pot which you can pre-warm to store your grilled foods before you serve them to your friends and family. You don’t want to do all this work and then reheat it after it was left unattended for a few minutes in the cold air.

4 - Entertain your Guest 

Whilst you are running back, and from your house to the grill, you probably have worked up a sweat. Don’t forget about your guests. They might not feel as warm as you do. Winter barbecue is the perfect place for mulled cider and wine. You can even set up a designated ‘Hot Drinks’ corner in your garden so that the guest can help themselves. Remember to provide few non-alcoholic drink options too such as hot chocolate, tea to keep everyone happy. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows is a great treat for the little ones!

5 - Make your Life Easier

You are officially the Winter Barbecue Grill Master. People will come to you and ask for all kinds of things. You are in the centre of the party. To make things easier for yourself to prepare as much as you can in advance. Organise a different corner with cutlery, condiments and winter barbecue essentials such napkins, plates, cups and glasses so the guest can help themselves without asking for help to the Grill Master. Use recyclable paper cups and plates to avoid any accidents with broken glass. This will give you time and a chance to join your guests and enjoy the great set up instead of constantly running in and out of your house for more missing items. 

6 - Know When To Quit

There is an icicle hanging off your nose, and you can’t feel your fingers or toes. Have you finished grilling? It’s time for you and your guest to head inside. After you have finished your food and warmed up yourself if you still feel like it you can pop outside for a quick winter barbecue marshmallows coating around the grill on the charcoal embers. Winter barbecue can be a great success; make sure you have everything you need for yourself and the guest. Wrap up, keep yourself and your friends warm with hot drinks and some lovely, spicy winter barbecue food

That’s it. We have no more tips for share, and hopefully, you’re now confident about hosting a BBQ in winter. If reading our articles on grilling and chilling inspired you to hold a Winter barbecue, get in touch with and let us know how it went. You can even share some photos of your BBQ with us on FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest

Image by @pc_bbq