Fire Pit Garden Tables — 2021's Hot Outdoor Furniture Trend

2 glasses of red wine on a lit fire pit garden table

It’s finally that time of the year when we start making plans for the warmer months ahead, start tending to our back garden a lot more, and refurbishing our garden decor with beautiful new appliances and furniture.

With the possibility of being able to meet up with our loved ones once again soon, many families are looking to purchase garden decorations and trendy outdoor furniture to impress guests and reunite with the people we care about the most, so it’s not surprising that the popularity of outdoor casual dining sets is on the rise.

If you’ve taken a peek at any on-trend garden decor brochure lately, you’ve likely come across a stunning set of fire pit garden tables, one of the biggest outdoor furniture trends predicted to take over the home decor world this year.

But what exactly makes fire pit tables the number one outdoor furniture trend to keep an eye on in 2021?

In this article, we’ll break down how this equally practical and beautiful piece of outdoor furniture works, what brands to look out for, and what are the best and safest wood fuels for your brand-new table.

A Closer Look At Wood-Burning Fire Pit Tables

Having a fire pit in your back garden is nothing new, as it is an incredibly practical way to enjoy your garden for longer and stay warm around the fire well into the night. The classic fire pit adds a comfortable warmth and pleasant light to your garden, creating a cosy ambience you’ll have a hard time leaving — even on chilly evenings.

a summer sky sunset as seen through the flames of a fire pit table
Fire pits, however, are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea.

Whether they’re simply dug into the ground or encased in a beautiful bowl structure, fire pits require a considerable amount of commitment when first installed, as they're hard to move around if you plan to redecorate. You’ll also have to accommodate for the space your fire pit occupies whenever you are rearranging furniture, swapping chairs and outdoor tables around to create the perfect atmosphere for guests, leaving you with a lot less freedom to furnish your garden just the way you like it.

Wood-burning fire pit tables are able to solve this problem with ease, as they allow you to get the best of both worlds in one trendy piece of furniture.

Effortlessly combining a stunning, sleek design with outdoor practicality, fire pit garden tables are the new must-have for fun-loving families who are looking to sit back and relax together in front of a comfortable fire. As a modern and incredibly stylish piece of furniture, the fire table stands out among all other garden decorations thanks to its luxury feel, while shining in its practical versatility: You can play board games, toast marshmallows, have a whole cookout, and experience that nostalgic campfire atmosphere without even having to leave the house!

How Exactly Do Fire Pit Tables Work?

Fire pit tables are essentially a combination of classic fire pits and timeless garden dining tables, so they work just like a regular fire pit does. The only difference, however, is that you have a whole lot more surface space for holding drinks, playing cards, grilling, or anything else.

You can use charcoal or natural wood fuels to get the fire going, making sure to only purchase extra-dry firewood to keep smoke emissions at a minimum. If you’re interested in using your fire table for cooking outdoor feasts, you can use it just as you’d use a barbecue grill, or if you’re only looking for a subtle background fire for lengthy garden hangouts, you can pick a minimal-tending wood fuel to ensure a consistent burn throughout.

When it comes to maintenance, you’ll want to perform a thorough deep clean after a few months of consistent use, getting rid of any debris, dust, dirt, insects, and foliage to avoid safety hazards and deterioration. Fire pit garden tables tend to come with a hefty price tag, so you’ll want your brand-new furniture to stand the test of time!

On-Trend Outdoor Furniture For Every Style

Nowadays, fire tables come in a variety of styles to suit anyone’s unique garden style and home decor, whether it’s ultra-modern, minimalistic, rustic, boho, or anything else in between!

Outside Seating Area With Fire Pit Table
You can choose between different sets of sofas, armchairs, chair, and benches to create a completely customized and customizable space, picking your favourite colours and materials for the most impressive design.

Among our top picks, we have the distinctive Bramblecrest fire pit tables, the compact Barker and Stonehouse sets, and the exclusive Whitestores fire table designs. And for our top wood fuel picks to use safely with these stunning pieces of outdoor furniture, we can only recommend our very best: Night Briquettes, Kiln Dried Firewood, and Hardwood Heat Logs!