Fireplace Decorating Ideas To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

Fireplace Decorating Ideas To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit

While most of us would usually agree that Christmas decorations should remain packed away until December, there seems to have been an unspoken acceptance of the fact that we could all do with a little extra Christmas cheer this year. With sparkly bobbles, fairy lights, and other seasonal decorations slowly popping up since mid-November, we’ve been surprised by just how few seasonal mantle pieces and festive fireplaces we’ve seen so far.

Hopefully, you have already ordered what you need from Lekto Wood Fuels but if you haven’t, this is your last chance to order them to receive them for Christmas Day. We mention this as Lekto Kiln-Dried Firewood makes for stylish fireplace decor in a living room, fusing your typical festive aesthetic with a more mellow rustic charm. Each chunky log is 25cm long and has a relatively uniform shape, making them easy to stack and store. What’s more, while decorative, our kiln-dried firewood serves a practical purpose too but will retain its decorative benefits down to the very last log. 

Still in need of a little inspiration for your festive fireplace decor? Here are three fantastic fireplace decorating ideas to help you decide which look suits your home better and make the decision making a bit easier.

The Contemporary & Sleek One

If you like Christmas but are also busy and don’t like too much fuss, then this fireplace decorating idea is the one for you. Minimalist styles such as this rely heavily on the thoughtful use of colour and we’d recommend a colour palette of whites, green and gold. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as glamour. White represents calm, snow and creates a sense of space and widens the room. A simple, yet clever wooden decoration which is your Christmas tree. Few gold figurines on your mental piece of reindeers and for that evergreen look branches of spruce and pine. 

The colour gold is associated with courage and passion and magic.

 Image by @wellswoodhomes


The Natural One

Think about using green, brown and a bit of gold to give that festive touch. Use shop-bought pine cones or you can collect your own, dry them out and use as a decoration with evergreens. To round this particular style of fireplace decor, ad in some neutral, clear or yellow-coloured fairy lights. In short, keep it simple yet elegant to achieve that cosy and rustic feel.

Image by @mrskskitchen

The Traditional One

You have stockings on your mantel (ideally on both sides to really nail that traditional look) and your tree is decorated with baubles and silver and gold stars, so why not take the theme over to your fireplace and extend the festive feel? Use colours like white to symbolise snow, green for Christmas tree and a bit of red for Father Christmas and you’re sure to start feeling just as you did when you were a little kid… You can put some clementines in your stocking so it smells like Christmas too!

Image by @justanormalhouse

You may or may not have noticed that Lekto Wood Fuels’ products appear in all three of the images above, and we hope you agree that they suit the scenes spectacularly. The last one, in particular, looks perfectly prepared for winter with natural firelighters, kindling, and sadist briquettes! No one’s going to be complaining that it’s too cold in that house, that’s for sure!    

In case you hadn’t already gathered, here at Lekto Wood Fuels we love all things cosy, but equally useful and ascetically pleasing. If you’ve adorned your mantle with seasonal baubles or surrounded your fireplace with Christmas decorations, we’d love to see them! You can share photos of your festive fireplace decorating ideas with us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Image by @ourkentish_cottage