Heat Logs or Kiln Dried Wood

Heat Logs or Kiln Dried Wood

Now that wet wood can no longer be used for domestic fires and log burners you may be trying to decide between heat logs vs kiln dried firewood. Use our guide to help you choose the right product for you.

Burn Time

Whilst there is a lack of solid scientific evidence, contemporary reports suggest that there is little difference between the burn time of heat logs and firewood. Obviously, there are other factors that affect how long heat logs burn, such as airflow and log size so this probably isn’t’ the best factor to compare them on.

Heat Output

Lekto Heat Logs have a calorific value of 5,150kWh/kg, compared to an average of 4,000kWh/kg for traditional firewood. Again, other factors will influence the overall heat output of your fire or burner, but heat logs will release more heat than kiln dried logs when you burn them.


Traditional firewood is often cut to more regular sizes nowadays, so they can be quite easy to store. However, every heat log has the same weight and dimensions, making them even easier to stack away. What’s more, heat logs are provided in packs covered with protective packaging to prevent moisture from getting into your wood. This has the added benefit of reducing the amount of dust and debris that you have to clean up in your storage area as you remove the wood.


Whilst heat logs are compact and regular, they don’t have the aesthetic appeal of traditional firewood. They won’t create that rustic display when you stack them next to the fire, and they don’t create the classic look of a burning fire when in use. But there’s nothing to stop you combining both products so you get the best of both worlds.

Environmental Credentials

Our heat logs are made from compressed wood that is sourced from sustainable forests. They don’t contain any extra chemicals or preservatives, making them a very natural product. The wood shavings we use in their construction are the by-product of other industrial uses so we are reducing waste.

Try a Mini Pack

Still not sure if heat logs are right for you? Try one of our mini-packs. Each pack contains 10 heat logs which is plenty to get you started and give you a good idea of how well they will work in your fire or log burner.

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