Homefire Heat Logs Vs Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs: What’s the UK’s Best Shimada Briquette?

Homefire Heat Logs Vs Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs: What’s the UK’s Best Shimada Briquette?

The battle for heating fuel supremacy is on in thousands of homes all over the UK. The two leading contenders for the briquette fuel crown are Homefire Heat Logs and Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs.

Both are high-quality products with thousands of loyal users who swear by them. As you will see later on, the main difference between the products is that:

  • Homefire Heat Logs are a mass-market product that is available in many supermarkets and petrol stations. While this is incredibly convenient, the product is subject to necessary cost-cutting to maintain healthy retailer profit margins.
  • Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs, on the other hand, are a speciality offering that aims to deliver premium quality at a good price by eliminating the middleman and selling directly to consumers.

So how do the products fare when pitted against each other?

Read on and in just five minutes you’ll know more about Shimada heat logs than 95% of people in the UK.

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TL;DR: Lekto Versus Homefire Heat Logs 


Lekto Heat Logs

Homefire Heat Logs


Shimada briquette

Shimada briquette


Premium hardwood sawdust

Unspecified sawdust


65 mm x 65 mm

65 mm x 65 mm


230 mm

195 mm

Ready to Burn Certified?

Yes, WS370/00006

Yes, WS172/000003

Briquettes Per Box



Product Segment

Speciality, Upmarket

Mass-Market, Low End


Free UK-wide delivery.

Delivery to most parts of England and Wales only.


What Are Shimada Heat Log Briquettes?

Shimada briquettes are a premium type of sawdust briquettes that have a unique hexagonal shape and a special, chimney-effect-creating ventilation opening. The hexagonal shape makes this fuel incredibly convenient and safe to use as you don’t have to worry about burning logs rolling around your wood burner. The chimney effect-creating ventilation opening ensures ease of lighting, as well high heat output and beautiful flames.

Why Are They Called Heat Logs (Shimada)?

Shimada heat logs derive their name from the machine that makes them, namely the BPE Shimada Extruder Briquetting Press. The machine is made by C.F. Nielsen, a company owned by RUF Briquetting Systems (the inventors of the machine behind RUF briquettes). The extruded briquettes typically measure 62 x 62 mm and have a length of 200 mm, but other sizes are optional.

Homefire Heat Logs Pros: Convenience, Availability, Low Price

So why choose Homefire Shimada Logs? There are many reasons for this, namely:

  • Widespread, nationwide availability. What can be more convenient than picking up your wood fuel at your local petrol station or supermarket?
  • Grab and go service model. As they are available in many retail chains, you don’t have to worry about minimum order requirements or finding space to store your briquettes. Buy as much (or as little) as you need, whenever you need.
  • Low price when buying one pack at a time. While they cannot compete with Pini Kay Logs on size or quality, Homefire Heat Logs can compete on price. With a single log costing just £0.74 when buying a pack, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

Want to get premium Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs at the best possible price? Order them in bulk (full pallet)!

Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs Pros: Quality, Size, Attention to Detail

Why are Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs the UK’s top-rated speciality Shimada logs? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Superlative quality. Ask any long-time Lekto customer and they’ll tell you that Lekto’s products are second to none. The company takes great pains to maintain superlative product quality and ultra-low moisture levels of under 9%.
  • Larger Size. Lekto’s Pini Kay Logs are about 15% larger than Homefire’s offering, which means that they will burn longer and provide you with more heat. 
  • Attention to Detail. Lekto’s speciality wood fuel products are second to none when it comes to attention to detail. Not only does the product itself look stunning, but it also comes in stackable, durable, easy-to-handle packaging for ultimate protection and storage convenience. 
  • Free UK delivery. Make an order of at least £75 pounds and Lekto will deliver it to your doorstep free of charge (learn more).
  • Double the loyalty points. Lekto customers earn 2 loyalty rewards points per every pound spend (learn more).

Homefire Heat Logs (Shimada) vs Lekto Heat Logs: Product Size, Length, Width

Both Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs and Homefire Heat Logs (Shimada) have an above-spec width of 65 x 65 mm but differ in their length. Being a premium speciality product, Pini Kay Eco Logs measure in at 230 mm. On the other hand, Homefire Heat Logs are a lot shorter, measuring only 195 mm in length.

This means that you are getting 35 mm (~15%) less burning material per log when choosing Homefire’s product.

Homefire Shimada Logs vs Lekto Heat Logs: Materials & Composition

The official product listing of Homefire Heat Logs (Shimada) does not mention the material they are made of. Typically, this is a sign that less expensive materials, such as softwood sawdust, are used in their creation.

The official product listing for Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs directly states that they are made from premium hardwood sawdust. No binders or additives are added during the production process. An all-natural expansion-preventing coating is added to Lekto’s product to prevent splitting and expansion during use.

Lekto Vs Homefire Heat Logs: Ready to Burn Certification

Being the products of two large and respected companies, both Homefire and Lekto Heat Logs are fully certified according to Defra’s Ready to Burn certification scheme. This means they fully comply with all necessary wood fuel quality standards.

Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs Ready to Burn Certificate Number

The Ready to Burn certificate number for Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs is clearly stated on the product page as being WS370/00006.

Homefire Heat Logs (Shimada) Ready to Burn Certificate Number

White Homefire does not list its certificate number in any of the product listings, the product packaging shows the certificate number as being WS172/000003.

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