How To Split Hardwood Heat Logs

How To Split Hardwood Heat Logs

Lekto’s Hardwood Heat Logs are great for use indoors and out! Whether you are using them in your log burner, wood stove, fire pit or chiminea, they are a great way to get lots of heat.

Because our heat logs are made from compressed wood they will expand as they burn. That is why we recommend splitting them into smaller chunks before use.  Not only will this make them easier to use on the fire, you have more control over how much you use so you can make them last even longer.

Now, when it comes to splitting firewood you may think you need to go and get yourself an axe, but that’s not the case with our heat logs. You can split and crumble these logs by hand with just a little pressure. It’s surprisingly easy - check out the video below!

However, if you need to use a small axe make sure your wood is well supported and take all relevant safety precautions including gloves and goggles.

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