Introducing Our Most Universal Briquette Fuel

Introducing Our Most Universal Briquette Fuel

Lekto Woodfuels is delighted to announce its newest wood fuel product, Fire Logs, which combines the high heat output of Hardwood Heat Logs with the long burn time of our next-gen Night Briquettes. This latest launch continues Lekto's commitment to providing UK households with innovative wood heating products at accessible price points.

Product shot of Lekto Fire Logs

What Are Fire Logs?

Thanks to its ultra-high-density sawdust composition and convenient no-roll shape, Fire Logs are the perfect middleground between high heat output and long burn time. Just like Night Briquettes, Fire Logs are best used in a pre-heated stove. Put them on top of burning flames and they will supply you with steady heat for three to four hours.

With wood fuel prices rising to record heights this year, more households than ever have discovered our ultra-economical 8-hour Night Briquettes. Burning three to four times longer than conventional briquettes, Night Briquettes are the perfect way to keep your home warm for less and to eliminate wood fuel waste.

However, the long burn time of Night Briquettes comes at the cost of heat output. While they will be more than capable of keeping your home warm during milder weather, they will struggle when the temperatures drop. Traditionally, when this happened, UK households transitioned to conventional sawdust briquettes or kiln-dried firewood. But now there’s a specialized, value-centered product that seeks to bring Night Briquette-like convenience to the colder parts of the year.

The Secret Formula For Optimal Wood Heating

For an optimal experience, we recommend using them in tandem with our traditional kiln-dried logs, long-burning Night Briquettes, our easy to use Natural Firelighters, and our universal kiln-dried kindling.

Start your fires using the firelighters and kindling. As Fire Logs and Night Briquettes are best used in a pre-heated stove, we recommend using kiln-dried logs as the first fuel in your burning chain.

Once your wood stove is pre-heated, Night Briquettes and Fire Logs can be placed on top of the burning flames. Use Night Briquettes during the night or as your main wood fuel during milder weather. Once the temperatures drop, transition to using your Fire Logs.

Diagram showing the size and weight of Lekto Fire Logs

Composition, Manufacturing, Size, and Shape

Fire Logs are manufactured in Scotland from 100% natural, locally-sourced softwood sawdust. The sawdust is compressed to an ultra-high density by an industrial pressing rod, using a special, screw-like compression method. This results in a product that is much more dense than other briquettes, which allows Fire Logs to burn longer and hotter than other briquettes while taking up less space in your wood store.

Each Mini Pack contains 12 Fire Logs, each weiging approximately 1.66 kilogrammes. Each Fire Log has a diameter of 80 millimetres and is 230 millimetres long. Their elongated brick shape allows them to burn without rolling or expanding.


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