Infinite Enjoyment, Zero Hassle: Get This Year’s Best Offer on Lekto Night Briquettes

Infinite Enjoyment, Zero Hassle: Get This Year’s Best Offer on Lekto Night Briquettes

Enjoy the luxurious comfort of all-night warmth without any of the hassle. 

Simply place two or three of these next-gen briquettes on top of embers and they'll warm you throughout the entire night.

No more getting up to add more firewood. No more need to tend to the fire constantly. No more fear of waking up in a cold room.

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So don't miss out on your chance to take advantage of Lekto's summer-only pricing, avoid the winter rush with its shipping delays, and try out the hottest burning wood fuel product in the industry absolutely free!

A cardboard box of Lekto Night Briquettes in front of a burning fireplace.

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Next-Gen Wood Fuel for an Eco-Conscious World

Lekto's in-house team of wood fuel experts designed Night Briquettes with a single purpose in mind. We wanted to create a wood fuel product that you could place into your wood burner when you went to bed and still see burning when you woke up. 

This had to be a borderline magical product. It had to burn slowly enough to last through the night and yet give off enough heat to warm an entire room during winter. Put simply, this wasn't a feat that an average wood fuel producer could accomplish.

But we at Lekto are anything but average.

Armed with generations of experience, our team came up with an all-natural briquette whose composition allowed it to burn in a slow yet highly controlled manner. After a long period of tinkering and optimization, we managed to create a product that produces steady heat for up to 8 hours. 

Picture of Lekto Night Briquettes and Heat Logs in front of a wood burner.

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What are Lekto's Night Briquettes Made From?

While some may think that achieving an 8 hour burn time requires the presence of various chemicals, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lekto Night Briquettes are made from a unique blend of all-natural softwood bark from sustainably managed forests.

The product is 100% chemical-free and comes in Lekto’s signature eco-friendly packaging. 

The long-burning properties of softwood bark have been known for hundreds of years. Yet we at Lekto were the first to fully leverage them to create a briquette that burned longer than any other wood fuel product on the market.

How Long Do Lekto Night Briquettes Burn For?

Provided you act in accordance with the provided instructions, you should get a sustained heat output of up to 8 hours. The exact burn time will depend on the size of your woodburner, the number of Night Briquettes used, and what (if any) other wood fuels the briquettes interact with.

Lekto Heat Logs and Night Briquettes in front of a burning wood burner.

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How Many Night Briquettes Will See Me Through the Winter?

Provided you have an average-sized wood burner, you should not require more than 2-3 Night Briquettes per night. This means that around 160 briquettes (8 Mini Packs) should be more than enough to last you through an entire winter.

That being said, if you live in a colder part of the UK, you might wish to add additional heat into the equation.

The best way to do that is by using a specially-designed product, such as Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs.

Lekto Heat Logs: The Hottest Burning Product on the Market

Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs are dried to the point of having less than ¼ of the moisture content of seasoned firewood and have an industry-leading heating value. This means that your rooms will heat up faster and get warmer than with any other wood fuel product.

Wood Fuel

Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs

Seasoned Firewood

Moisture Content



Calorific Value

4.5 kWh/kg

3-4 kWh/kg

Log Size

Fits 99.9% of Wood Burners


Ease of Lighting



Ash Production

Extra Low



“Ready to Burn” Certified


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