Is Kiln-Dried Wood Good For Smoking Meat?

Smoker Emitting Smoke With Large Brisket Ready To Be Smoked
Smoking meat creates an incredible and distinct flavour, which is why you want to make sure you’re using the best wood for it. When asked “is kiln- dried wood good for smoking meat?” our immediate answer is yes, absolutely! In fact, it’s actually the best choice of wood fuel for this kind of outdoor cooking.

You’re probably thinking that this is a pretty bold statement for us to make and it no doubt has you wondering ‘Why is kiln-dried wood good for smoking meat?’.

Well to start with, kiln- dried wood has a very low moisture content meaning it burns for longer with a higher heat output. The wood burns more cleanly, emitting less smoke than wet wood whilst still producing an amazing aroma- it’s this that gives the meat the intense, smoky flavour that’s so delicious.

Now we’ve confirmed the answer to the question, “is kiln-dried wood good for smoking meat” is most definitely yes, let’s take a look at the best types of kiln-dried wood for smoking different meats. The choice of wood used affects the colour, taste and smell of the meat and so it’s certainly important to be aware of the best flavour pairings for different meat products.

Kiln-Dried Oak Firewood

Oak is renowned for its long burn time and high heat output which is why it’s such a great choice of fuel for smoking meat. Lekto’s kiln-dried oak firewood is 100% natural and has a moisture content below 20% which prevents it from releasing any nasty or musty aromas that will affect the taste of the meat. It’s a versatile fuel which is great for smoking meat on open fires, wood burners and fire pits.

In terms of flavour, oak is one of the more versatile kiln-dried firewoods. Oak produces a medium-level smoke that is not too overpowering making it a great choice for smoking pretty much any meat. In particular it is great for cooking smoked beef and other red meats such as lamb, but can also be used to cook sides like smoked vegetables.

Kiln-Dried Birch Firewood

We couldn’t discuss the question of “is kiln-dried wood good for smoking meat” without mentioning Birch. As with oak, kiln-dried birch firewood also burns clean and strong, however the difference comes with the aroma produced. The aroma produced by birch is sweeter and milder than oak which makes it great for cooking poultry as well as smoked ham and pork.

Knowing the importance of practicality, Lekto’s kiln-dried birch firewood comes in compact cardboard packaging which is easy to store. It is great for smoking foods on fire pits, however can also be used in pizza ovens and chimineas.

Kiln-Dried Apple Wood Chips

Producing a slightly sweet and fruity smoke flavour, apple wood chips are another firewood which we certainly shouldn’t go without mentioning when it comes to smoking wood. Known for its delicate flavour, apple wood chips are particularly good for smoking poultry, game birds and pork, specifically gammon. Like all Lekto kiln-dried firewood, apple wood chips produce a wonderful and sweet aroma and burn long and clean.

Kiln-Dried Cherry Wood Chips

Like apple wood, cherry wood is also sweet in flavour and one of the most popular choices of firewood for smoking meat. Known for imbuing a subtle yet distinct flavour, cherry wood chips are ideal for adding a hint of sweetness to turkey and chicken, and will give meat a vibrant mahogany colour.

The mild flavour of cherry wood chips also makes them great for experimenting with different wood chips for smoking meat to create some really bold flavours…

Mixing Cherry And Apple Wood For Smoking

When thinking about whether kiln-dried wood is good for smoking meat, you might not consider possibility of combining different types. Pairing different woods together is a fantastic way to add layers of flavour to your meat, and cherry and apple wood chips are renowned for being a winning combination. When burned together, these two milder woods create a more intense smokey flavour that is characterised by a lovely sweetness.

A note on set up and maintenance…

Now we’ve established that the answer to the question, “Is kiln-dried wood good for smoking meat” is most definitely yes, we ‘ve just got one final note to make on the practical side of things.

When setting up kiln-dried logs in your wood burner be careful not to overload it. As these logs have such a high heat output you don’t need a lot of them to get the fire burning. Start with smaller logs as you can always add more. Once lit, the logs need little tending to which means you can focus on cooking up the tastiest smoked delights.