January Savings: Best Prices on Firewood & Briquettes From Lekto

January Savings: Best Prices on Firewood & Briquettes From Lekto

January is wood heating savings month at Lekto Woodfuels.

As many fo you know, thanks to all the hard manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics work we've done this year, we’ve managed to avoid any major stock shortages. What’s more, we have more than enough wood fuel not to have any product shortage problems for the rest of the heating season. 

Having scaled up our operations tremendously, we can now take advantage of bulk ordering discounts and economies of scale in the material sourcing and manufacturing stages of the production process.

And, in January, we’re passing on these savings to you by introducing a month-long unlimited 10% store-wide discount. What’s more, we’ve decided to continue to offer unconditional free delivery to all Mainland UK addresses for the foreseeable future. Read on to find out more.

Unlimited 10% Store-Wide Discount

From January 3 to January 31, all products available at the official Lekto online store will be available for purchase with an exclusive 10% discount.

That’s right. Thanks to the optimisations we’ve made in our production pipeline, you can now purchase all Lekto briquettes, firewood, Swedish torch, and charcoal products for prices close to what you’d pay in the autumn.

No promo code is required to participate in the promotion. Simply make any purchase in our store and we’ll automatically apply your discount. It’s that simple. 

Unconditional Free Mainland UK Delivery

Due to popular demand, we’re our unconditional free UK Mainland delivery offer indefinitely. This means that all deliveries to UK Mainland addresses will continue to be free, regardless of order size.

The offer won’t be here forever, so take advantage off it while it’s still available.

If you live in other regions of the UK, you can learn about our delivery rates on our Shipping and Delivery page.