Kindling For Chimineas

Kindling For Chimineas

What could be more relaxing than chilling out in the warmth of your chiminea on a summer’s evening? These fantastic garden accessories can be traditional or contemporary, but they are always extremely practical and useful. But how can you light your chiminea, and ensure it stays warm all night?

It’s actually really easy. Just follow these 7 simple steps below.

1.  Whether you use charcoal or logs, you should always start with a firelighter and some kindling, so make sure you have some of these to hand.

2.  Make sure you light your chiminea before you actually need it, it can take a while for it to be hot enough.

3.  First of all, clean out the chiminea, removing all old ash and unburnt fuel

4.  Remove the lid if it has one. This allows plenty of air to reach your growing fire.

5.  Pop the firelighter in the middle and build a pyramid of Lekto Woodfuels Natural Kindling around it.

6. Using a long taper, match or automatic lighter, ignite the firelighter.

7.  Once you hear the kindling wood start to crackle you can add a little more fuel. Start small and build it up so you don’t smother the fire. Keep adding fuel such as broken up heat logs throughout the night to ensure the fire produces enough heat.

If you want to keep you chiminea burning with less maintenance later in the evening then add one of our Night Briquettes. These long burning compressed wood bundles will keep the embers glowing whilst you enjoy the sunset.


Never light a fire straight onto the base of a new clay.chiminiea, you need to cure it first. Use a layer of sand or lava rocks as protection before you add the kindling. Build the fire up using the steps below but only add one small log. Allow it all to burn out then repeat the process several times again, allowing the chiminea to cool completely between each burning.

Make sure you place your chiminea on a fireproof surface and away from flammable objects like fences, decking and overhanging branches. Always keep children and pet supervised around your chiminea.