Lekto Heat Logs and Night Briquettes: Troubleshooting

Lekto Heat Logs and Night Briquettes: Troubleshooting

One thing we get asked about a lot here at Lekto is the size of our products.

You could have a fireplace, a log burner or a chiminea, but if the wood fuel you require does not fit your specific appliance, it can be a rather frustrating experience.

Here, we take a closer look at how our Heat Logs and Night Briquettes can be accessible for any home's fireplace.

So, what size are Lekto Heat Logs?

It’s always handy to know the dimensions of your stove or wood burning stove before ordering.

Similarly, it’s beneficial to have the size of the products you are looking to use too.

Our individual Hardwood Heat Logs are 27cm x 9cm and each minipack includes 10 individual logs.

How long do the Heat Logs burn for?

Lekto’s Heat Logs work best in a clean stove or fireplace. Ash or soot remaining from previous fires can significantly impact the burning time of the fresh logs.

On average, our 1-2 Heat Logs can provide a high heat output for 2-3 hours.

This is all dependent, however, on how dry they are when used. They are designed to contain less than 9% moisture, which reduces the amount of smoke and ash created when burned.

So, it’s advised to keep them stored in their original packaging, to ensure they stay as dry as possible before use.

How do you break down our Heat Logs?

There are several ways to break our Hardwood Heat Logs.

The most common is to hold a log in your hands and apply firm pressure while bending it in your hands. This should allow the log to break in two, but be aware that this method could also create splinters to fall once the heat log is broken.

The second way to break down our logs is to hold one down on a firm surface, such as a concrete path or yard. Use a second heat log to strike down on the first and, after a few hits, this should break the first log down. 

For this method, we recommend you using hand and eye protection.

Thirdly, we recommend you using a hammer, knife, saw or axe to break the logs down into smaller chunks.

By breaking down our Heat Logs, you can fit more manageable pieces into your appliance - regardless of its size - so you can still benefit from the high heat of our logs without using more than you need. It also helps with space within your stove, as our logs can expand with the heat.

What size are Lekto Night Briquettes?

Our Night Briquettes measure at 15.5cm x 12cm x 7cm.

This economic size allows us to put 20 per minipack.

How long do the Night Briquettes burn for?

Like the Heat Logs, our all night wood briquettes work best when in a clean stove, free or dust, ash or soot left over from previous burns.

They can last up to 8 hours, but this is dependent on how many you use at once (1-2 is the recommended number), which consequently depends on the size of your chiminea, fireplace or wood burner.

Although they are designed for a longer, slower burn, they create an even heat output; We recommend using some firelighters or kindling along with our briquettes. This will ensure they catch fire and begin to work as soon as possible.Many of our customers use heat logs in the evening and, with the dying embers of that fire, place the night briquettes on, so that they recycles those flames throughout the night.

Our Night Briquettes are perfect for keeping your home warm and your heating bills low throughout the winter. Buy yours here.

Our Heat Logs are also great at creating a high heat and ensuring you stay warm this winter. Buy yours here.