Are Log Burners Worth It?

Are Log Burners Worth It?

Don’t have the space to install a fireplace in your living room?

Log burner installation can depend on several things. Price, finding the right installer and planning permission all need to be considered. But the benefits to your home and life are extensive.

Here we weigh up the pros and cons of log burner fireplaces, answer the questions you have asked about them and consider whether or not log burners are worth it.

Are log burners safe?

This is an important, albeit loaded, question and the answer relies on several variables.

For starters, we recommend your stove is EPA certified, as they will be more efficient (and therefore, safer) than older stoves.

Secondly, your stove must be clean. Any ash or creosote should be disposed of before you place your hardwood heat logs or night briquettes inside and light them up.

Speaking of heat logs and briquettes - using them will significantly reduce any long-lasting health risks, as they are made of compressed hardwood and soft wood, respectively. No chemicals are used during their manufacturing process, making them environmentally friendly.

The low amount of moisture in both products ensures your flames’ energy will be more focused on burning the wood, rather than burning the moisture found in seasoned firewood.

Furthermore, they are incredibly dry, meaning that there’ll be very little smoke and fewer pollutants in the air. The drier your heat logs, the less likely that creosote will build up in your log burner flue. Creosote can cause fires inside the flue or chimney, so it is crucial that they are cleaned as regularly as possible and that the amount of creosote inside is kept to a minimum.

If you’re wondering ‘are log burners bad for your health?’, the answer depends on the type of heat fuel you use inside it. Our Hardwood Heat Logs and Night Briquettes are a very safe option.

Are log burners messy?

We’re not going to lie. They can be. But, here at Lekto, we’re glass-half-full kind of people and we prefer to look at it from the other side and think: they can also be mess-free.

A log burning stove that is regularly cleaned (avoid ash or creosote building up) will be much easier to maintain than one left for months at a time.
But a log burner that has had Lekto Night Briquettes and hardwood heat logs inside it will be even easier to clean – they create less mess and ash.

But, whether you use Lekto’s products or not, our advice is this: clean your log burner little and enough and you will find that your stove will last much longer.

Cleaning a log burner does not have to be such an arduous task. Read our blog on how it can be done here.

Are log burners bad for the environment?

Even though burning wood does give off carbon dioxide, the amount it releases is the same as that consumed by replacement trees. In turn, they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making wood burners carbon-neutral appliances.

Lekto’s Heat Logs and all night Briquettes are sourced from natural wood and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, making them the perfect companion to an environmentally friendly heat source, such as a wood burner.

Do log burners smell?

Again, this all depends on what you use to warm up your living space. Apart from the aroma of wood burning, Lekto’s products are mostly scentless.

The level of cleanliness that the stove maintains is also an important factor. Should there be any leftover wood or ash remaining from previous burnings, this may catch and create a less pleasant smell.

Once more, the low moisture content of our Heat Logs and Night Briquettes helps the fire to remain fairly scentless.

Additionally, the distinct lack of chemicals used during the manufacturing stage prevents any unnatural smells emanating from your fireplace.

Log burners can be an exceptional way to warm up your living room. When used and maintained properly, they can burn wood fuel for longer and in the safest possible way.

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