Make Narrowboat Heating Easy With The Lekto Boating Bundle

Smoke from the chimney of a narrowboat on a frosty morning

Narrowboating is one of the most amazing things this life has to offer, but staying warm on water presents a unique set of challenges.

First and foremost, there’s limited space for wood fuel storage. Next, you are only able to burn certain types of wood fuel and as if that wasn’t enough, you cannot take delivery of products that are delivered by large trucks or vans. So what is the best way to stock up on wood fuel as a narrowboating enthusiast? What is the most convenient way to start a fire while boating, and how do you optimize the limited space you have for optimal fuel storage?

In this article, we will be teaching you about narrowboat heating with wood fuel, using our expert-made Value Bundle to illustrate the way common wood heat challenges can be solved.

What Is the Lekto Boating Bundle?

After many requests from boaters, our team of wood fuel experts sat down to create a bundle that took the unique needs of boaters into account.

You can buy the bundle outright or study its composition to create your own custom wood heat solution by mixing and matching our wood fuel products.

The Lekto Wood Fuels Boating Bundle contains an optimal mix of wood fuels for boating, namely:

Lekto Wood Fuels Narrowboating Bundle

Thanks to convenient, stackable, easy to store packaging, the contents of this bundle can be easily stored even on the smallest narrowboat, all the while containing enough wood fuel to give you several weeks worth of heat.

The bundle also presents a great value proposition. Boaters typically don’t have enough space to buy any single wood fuel product in large enough quantities to qualify for bulk discounts but by taking advantage of this special bundle, you will be eligible for a £25.00 bulk discount (when compared to buying the items separately).

Main Requirements For Great Boating Wood Fuel

A Mix of Long Burn Time & High Heat Output

The main things narrowboaters look for in their wood fuel is energy density, space efficiency, and convenience. This is why our expert-made Boating Bundle contains a mix of ultra-long-burning Night Briquettes and extra-high-heat Hardwood Heat Logs.

You can use our Night Briquettes as a convenient and economical standalone fuel during milder weather. When it gets colder, you can start using them in tandem with our Heat Logs, whose unique design allows you to easily break them up into pre-portioned chunks of as little as 100 grams.

By changing the ratio of Night Briquette to Heat Log, you will be able to balance warmth and fuel consumption in any weather scenario.

Firelighting Convenience

There are many times when fiddling with a wood burning narrowboat stove is the last thing you want to do.

This is why we included premium firelighting aid material that will help you get a reliable flame started quickly. There will be times when you'll require a firelighter and there will be other times when you'll need kindling, so we included a little bit of both.

Made from a proprietary blend of natural wax and wood wool, our Natural Firelighters are the easiest path to a beautiful, clean, smokeless fire. Our Kiln Dried Kindling, on the other hand, is the perfect step two between tinder and your main wood fuel. It will ensure that your fuels are lit properly and burn as efficiently as possible.

Space Efficiency

Space is at a premium when you’re on a narrow boat, so you need to make sure that you store your wood fuel in the most space-efficient way possible.

Narrow Boat With Firewood Stored on Top

With Lekto, you don't have to think about finding ways to optimize your space. This is because all of the products in our Boating Bundle come in space-efficient packaging that provides you with the most amount of wood fuel while taking up as little space as possible. Furthermore, the packaging is durable, convenient, and stackable, further improving its space-saving qualities.

Narrowboating-Ready Delivery

When you order our boating bundle, we will ensure that it is delivered to you in a small DPD van that can reach even the most difficult-to-access places.
What’s more, buying the bundle makes you automatically eligible for free delivery to 95% of the UK (see Free Delivery Map).