High Heat Output & Delightful Aroma: Nestro Softwood Logs

High Heat Output & Delightful Aroma: Nestro Softwood Logs

Lekto Woodfuels is proud to announce a new, high-heating addition to its product catalogue: Nestro Softwood Logs.

This ultra-hot-burning, fast-heating wood fuel will be able to keep your home nice and warm in any weather. So whether you live in London, Aberdeen, Wrexham, or Braemar, you can count on Nestro Softwood Logs to do their job quickly and efficiently.

What Are Nestro Softwood Logs?

Nestro Softwood Logs are Lekto’s latest briquette product that is optimised for high heat output.

Nestro Logs are made from premium softwood sawdust that is pressed into a unique, hot heat output shape by an industrial pressing rod. Stand a Nestro Softwood Log on its side and you will see that it is shaped almost exactly like a chimney. This is not by coincidence. This cylindrical, ventilated shape helps create a chimney effect within the log itself, increasing the amount of air that travels through the log. This creates more flames and, consequently, more heat.

Each Nestro Log weighs two kilogrammes and gives off an incredible amount of heat. As a result, you might not always want to use an entire Nestro Log at once. Thankfully, portioning is easy thanks to the fact that each log is designed in such a way that it is easy to break with your bare hands. Simply apply a little bit of pressure.

How to Use Nestro Softwood Logs

Nestro Softwood Logs are incredibly easy to use:

  1. Use a firelighter and kindling to start a fire.
  2. Once it's burning nicely, split your Nestro Softwood Log into 3-4 chunks.
  3. Add one or two Nestro Log chunks on top of the flames.

Nestro Log Information: Size, Shape, Materials, Composition

Nestro Softwood Logs are made from natural softwood sawdust and are 100% chemical free. The sawdust is compressed to an ultra-high density by an industrial pressing rod, creating a product that is much more energy-dense than what can be produced by nature (even Australian Buloke, the hardest wood in the world, is no competition to it). 

The shape the sawdust is compressed to is that of a cylinder with a ventilation hole. This shape creates a natural chimney effect that aids in creating the largest fire possible. Each cylinder weighs exactly 2 kilogrammes. As this is more than is oftentimes needed, each Nestro Log is designed to be easy to break apart by hand. A single Mini Pack contains 10 of these logs.

Nestro Logs: Main Advantages

  • Ultra-High Burning Temperature. Nestro Softwood Logs are one of the hottest-burning wood fuel products on the market. This means they’ll be able to keep your home warm even in the bitterest of cold. In fact, the product produces so much heat, we advise customers to break it into several small chunks before use.
  • Lovely Softwood Aroma. Being made from a blend of natural softwood sawdust, Nestro Softwood Logs produce a lovely aroma when burned. Most people associate this aroma with Christmas, which makes Nestro Softwood Logs perfect for the holiday season or any other time when you want to feel cosy.
  • High Energy Density. Nestro Softwood Logs are incredibly energy-dense, with each log containing over 10,000 Wh worth of energy. To put it in context, this is more than the battery capacities of many plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Space-Saving Packaging. Your logs will arrive in our stackable, easy-to-store cardboard Mini Packs that are designed to be as space-efficient as possible. Each pack contains 10 logs, each weighing 2kg, and has the following dimensions: 440mm x 310mm x 195mm. The logs themselves are 293mm long and 85mm in diameter. 
  • Universal Compatibility. Lekto Nestro Softwood Logs can be used in any wood-burning appliance, including open fires, log-burning stoves, log boilers, BBQs, chimeneas, and cassette fires. Thanks to their less aggressive heat output profile, they are even safer to use than our Hardwood Heat Logs.
  • Clean, Reliable Burn. Burning cleanly and with minimal smoke, Nestro Softwood Logs are a great choice for both the health of the environment and the health of your appliance. As they are a 100% natural product, the leftover ash can be safely used as garden fertiliser.

Technical Specifications: Nestro Logs

  • Log Size: 293mm, diameter: 85mm
  • Log Weight: 2kg
  • Calorific Value: 5.15 kWh/kg
  • Briquettes per Mini Pack: 10
  • Mini Pack Weight: 20kg
  • Ingredients: Natural Softwood Sawdust
  • Max moisture content: 9%
  • Minipack Size: 440mm x 310mm x 195mm
  • Ready to Burn Certification: Yes
  • Certificate Number: WS370/00007