New Product Launch – Introducing Pini Kay Eco Logs

New Product Launch – Introducing Pini Kay Eco Logs

Looks like autumn has finally come in full swing, and with the change of seasons we reckon that a new addition to your favourite woodfuels is long overdue!

Lekto’s new Pini Kay Eco Logs provide a reliable solution to light all sorts of open fires and woodburning stoves, leaving almost no trace of woodburning behind and championing environmental sustainability, from sourcing to burning.

So, what makes Pini Kay logs so special, and why do you need to add them to your heat log collection before the weather turns even chillier?

What makes Pini Kay Logs different?

Designed for a bright, beautiful, powerful burn that can last up to 2 hours, our Pini Kay Eco logs are crafted with one core idea in mind: making you fire burning experience easier, more practical, and 100% hassle-free!

What makes Pini Kay Eco Logs stand out is that they maintain their compact shape throughout the burn, not splitting, sparking, or expanding like other heat logs, saving you plenty of fire burning space if you need to add other woodfuels to the mix.

We understand that getting up frequently to tend to your fire, rearranging logs that fall out of place and make your flame much less consistent and reliable can feel like an extra chore you don’t have the time to spare on. We all want to entertain our guests, cook, clean, or simply enjoy our meal or movie while the fireplace is crackling – with Pini Kay Eco Logs, you won’t have to put any more time into rearranging your fire, just light it up and watch the beautiful flame warm up the room in minutes!

And on that note, these logs are also designed to burn quickly thanks to their extra low moisture content of below 9%, and they produce minimal smoke to keep your appliances clean and healthy while ensuring environmental safety.

What are they made of?

Boasting a high heat output of 5.1k Wh/kg, Lekto’s Pini Kay Eco Logs are made from pure, 100% natural and chemical-free hardwood sawdust, an industry by-product that’s been sourced sustainably and with an attentive eye on what’s best for our precious environment.

It’s a recycled product that’s designed to make fire burning as practical and as easy as can be: aside from producing minimal smoke thanks to its low moisture content, this type of sawdust leaves almost no ash behind, so it’s the perfect choice for a fire that is as quick to clean up as it is to burn!

In our world, eco consciousness it’s all about merging efficiency with sustainability, and this new product is definitely up to the task.

Where can I use them?

As these logs do not split, spark or expand, they’re the ideal choice for open fires and fireplaces with limited space for a no-fuss burn that’s going to give you high and reliable heat throughout.

Pin Kay Eco Logs are incredibly compact and easy to store, coming in an easy-to-handle pack of 24, and with each briquette measuring approximately 2.5 x 2.5 x 10in (less than other heat logs with similar calorific value) you can be sure that these briquettes will be easy to stack, move around the house, and bring along with you on the road to the last campfire of the season!

And yes, they are indeed a perfect choice for a lively campfire that won’t take ages to clean up once you’re all packed up to go.

But there is so much more they are perfect for; these eco logs are some of the most versatile woodfuels around. You can use Pini Kay Eco Logs on chimenea, open fires, multifuel stoves, and woodburning stoves. The minimal ash they leave once extinguished will make for healthier appliances and fire pits that are much easier to clean – no mess, all warmth!

So, are you ready to give our Pini Kay Logs a try and see all their incredible features for yourself? Place your order today and get the first few fires of the season started in style