Our Favourite Campfire Recipes For Kids

Our Favourite Campfire Recipes For Kids

Whether you are camping, glamping or just enjoying a back yard fire pit, cooking over the open flames as the sun goes down is most definitely a magical experience. There are a wealth of tasty meals that can be made for the whole family to enjoy, but why not get the kids involved with these super simple recipes.

Toasted Marshmallows

The original, classic, campfire dish, and a great way to get kids started with cooking. Simply pop a marshmallow onto the end of a long, metal skewer or toasting fork, then hold it in the flames until it starts to melt and blacken. Why not create s’mores style biscuits by placing the marshmallow between two chocolate biscuits, or using chocolate spread, peanut butter or strawberries along with plain digestives.

Chocolate Bananas

Totally delicious, gooey and fun, this sweet dessert is also really quick and easy to make. Simply split open a banana lengthways, but leaving the skin on.  Insert your favourite chocolate into the gap. You can use chocolate buttons, slices of a mars bar, or chunks of decadent dark chocolate for the grown-ups. Wrap the whole thing in kitchen foil then place in the embers of the fire and cook until the chocolate has melted.

Vegetable Kebabs

Another really simple dish to cook that is also really healthy. Cut some brightly coloured vegetables, such as bell peppers, courgette, aubergine and red onion, into chunks then thread onto a skewer. This can then be placed on a grill over the flames to give that delicious chargrilled flavour.

Jacket Potatoes

Simply pierce the skin of the potato a few times with a fork, then wrap in kitchen foil and place in the embers of the fire. What could be easier? Fill with cheese or cook some beans in a small pan on the fire as well. If your little ones don’t have the patience to cook this from scratch, you can cheat by partially cooking the potatoes in the microwave or oven beforehand.

Chicken Nachos In Tin Foil

Create a parcel using kitchen foil then add in nachos, pre-cooked chicken chunks and cheese. Close the foil and place in the embers to heat up the chicken and melt the cheese then open and serve with soured cream, salsa and guacamole.

Ham & Cheese Croissants

Simply cut a croissant in half lengthways and fill with cooked ham and slices of swiss cheese. Wrap in a foil parcel then place it in the fire so the cheese melts. These make a delicious breakfast if you are camping out, or substitute the croissants for bread rolls to make this recipe suitable for any time of day.

Keep It Safe

Now, we don’t want to come across as all preachey, but fire can be dangerous, so make sure you supervise your little chefs at all times whilst they are cooking, and ensure they don’t get fingers too close to flames, hot coals and heated foil.

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