Beat the Cost of Living Crunch with the UK's Most Economical Wood Briquettes

Beat the Cost of Living Crunch with the UK's Most Economical Wood Briquettes

With the cost of living reaching record heights, millions of British families are searching for ways to lower their expenses. Some are scouring the internet for every possible way to save energy at home. Others are rethinking their grocery shopping habits to figure out how to maintain their existing level of nutrition with less expensive ingredients. And many of those who previously relied on gas and electric heating are switching over to traditional wood heat.

A year ago, this would've been an absolutely brilliant idea. Now, things aren't so simple. In February of this year, the UK lost three key wood material import sources due to Russia's war in Ukraine. As a result of lowered supply, wood fuel prices have started rising sharply (read more about the wood fuel crisis).

But that doesn't mean your heating bills can’t go down this year.

Slay the Cost of Living Crisis with Night Briquettes 

Lekto's next-generation Night Briquettes have been designed with supreme economy, practicality, and convenience in mind.

Thanks to their unique composition, these briquettes can burn for eight to nine hours, supplying your household with steady heat.

But what does this mean for you?

During the warmer periods of the heating season, they can be used as an ultra-economical heat source. During colder weather, they will help you economise on your main firewood and briquette fuel.

And, to make things easier on your wallet, we’ve made a conscious business decision to position them as our least expensive briquette product. Our goal is to make Lekto Night Briquettes the defacto standard of cost-effective wood fuel heating.

Reduce Your Firewood Consumption

With only two briquettes being enough to maintain a pleasant warmth in your rooms throughout the entire night, they can do the job of firewood weighing (and costing) several times more.

This means fewer trips to your wood store and fewer pounds spent on wood heating.

Night Briquettes | Stats & Figures

Here are just a few core facts about Lekto Night Briquettes:

    • They burn longer than any other briquette on the market. An 8-hour long burn is achievable in most modern log burners. Some customers have managed to achieve burn times of as long as 12 hours. 
    • They supply steady heat throughout the night. Thanks to their ability to supply a steady, reliable stream of heat, they are a perfect way to maintain a room at an optimal temperature throughout the night.
    • They are a convenient, set-and-forget solution. An 8-hour burn has other benefits as well. Before the cost of living crisis hit the UK in earnest, Night Briquettes were already popular with people tired of having to tend to their wood burner every couple of hours.
  • They are 100% natural and chemical-free. Our Night Briquettes are made from a proprietary mix of natural softwood bark. Thanks to this material's natural properties, no chemicals or binding agents need to be used during the manufacturing process.
    • They are made with storage convenience in mind. Lekto Night Briquettes come packaged in durable, stackable, easy-to-store cardboard packaging.

    How to Use Night Briquettes For Maximum Efficiency

    1. Pre-heat your stove with regular firewood or briquettes.
    2. Place two to three briquettes on dying embers.
    3. Once the Night Briquettes are fully alight, adjust your stove's airflow to the minimal setting.

    Are Night Briquettes Ready to Burn Certified?

    Yes, Lekto's original Night Briquettes are fully-certified according to Defra's Ready to Burn wood fuel quality standard. The issued certificate number is WS370/00004.

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