Sawdust Briquettes vs Bark Briquettes: What’s Best For You?

Sawdust Briquettes vs Bark Briquettes: What’s Best For You?

Sawdust briquettes and bark briquettes are by far the two of the most popular types of wood fuels in the world.

Sawdust briquettes (also known as RUF briquettes) are a perennial favourite that people in Britain have been using for over a century. Today, they are sold by thousands of suppliers all over the UK.

Bark briquettes are the new kid on the block. They’re an ultra-economical next-generation wood fuel that has become incredibly popular in Europe over the last few years. As of 2023, Lekto’s Night Briquettes are the only next-gen bark briquette product sold in the UK.

In this article, we'll explore the similarities and differences between sawdust briquettes and bark briquettes, helping you decide which one is best for your heating needs.

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Sawdust Briquettes Vs Night Briquettes: Composition

What Are Sawdust Briquettes Made of?

Sawdust briquettes (aka RUF briquettes) are typically made from compressed sawdust, which is a byproduct of the sawmill industry. Some UK manufacturers use cheaper softwood sawdust in their briquettes, while others go the extra mile and use hardwood sawdust.

Lekto’s market-leading Sawdust Briquettes are made from 100% pure birch hardwood sawdust. This allows our product to produce more heat and burn longer than competing products.

What Are Bark Briquettes Made of?

Bark briquettes are made from softwood bark, a recycled sawmill byproduct prized for its long-burning properties. The only bark briquette product on the UK market, Night Briquettes, are made from a proprietary blend of softwood bark that allows them to burn for up to 8 hours.

Sawdust Briquettes Vs Night Briquettes: Heat Output 

How Hot Do Sawdust Briquettes Burn?

Sawdust briquettes have a medium-high heat output. This means they burn hotter than traditional firewood (including kiln-dried logs) but not as hot as Hardwood Heat Logs or Pini Kay Logs

How Hot Do Bark Briquettes Burn?

Bark briquette fuels, such as Night Briquettes, have a low-to-moderate heat output, trading burning temperature for long burn time. This means they produce less heat than sawdust briquettes but can burn a lot longer.

Sawdust Briquettes Vs Night Briquettes: Burn Time:

How Longs Do Sawdust Briquettes Burn For?

Sawdust Briquettes typically burn for around two hours, producing a moderate about of heat during this time.

How Longs Do Bark Briquettes Burn For?

Night Briquettes, which are the only type of bark briquettes on the UK market, can burn for upwards of 8 hours. This makes them perfect for long-term heating and saving money by lowering your overall wood fuel consumption. 

Sawdust Briquettes Vs Bark Briquettes: Sustainability:

Both sawdust briquettes and Night Briquettes are made from recycled materials from the sawmilling industry. Likewise, both products burn cleanly and efficiently thanks to their ultra-low moisture content of under 9%. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice. Choosing either type of briquette can help reduce waste in the sawmill industry, contributing to a greener planet.

Sawdust Briquettes Vs Bark Briquettes: Cost:

Sawdust briquettes and Lekto Night Briquettes (see official product website) are positioned as entry-level products, meaning they are some of the cheapest forms of briquette fuel available on the market. They are affordable and readily available, making them an accessible option for homeowners on a budget.

Those who want to splurge can take a look at more premium options, such as Pini Kay Eco Logs, Softwood Nestro Logs, and Hardwood Heat Logs.