Should I Use Kindling Or Firelighters?

Should I Use Kindling Or Firelighters?

This is a question we are often asked! There’s so much information out that it can end up being confusing, which is why it’s easy to think you need just one or the other.

Our advice is to use both.

That’s not because we sell both (although we do!). It’s because it is a more reliable way to get your fire started.

Build The Fire Using Kindling

First of all, build your fire up using wood kindling sticks in among the firewood or heat logs. Good quality kindling is dry, making it easier to light and ensuring it gives off less smoke and more heat. The idea is to get the kindling alight so the flame can start your firewood burning, so you need long-burning kindling. You can use scrunched up newspaper or wood shavings but these won’t burn for as long as kindling sticks like ours, meaning you could end up using more material than you want and struggle to get the paper or shavings into the heart of the fire to help the larger logs burn.

Light With A Firelighter

Now, our kindling is easy to light, but it can be awkward to light it once you’ve built up the fire around it. That’s why you need to use a firelighter. These small nuggets of compressed wood shavings are easy to pop into the gaps and have a long burn time, providing plenty of opportunity for the flame to catch on the kindling.

For more hints on tips on building and lighting a great fire, read this blog!