Stock Up On Your BBQ Firewood In April & Get 15% Off

Lekto wood fuels surrounding an outdoor wood burning oven

With the month of May just around the corner, BBQ enthusiasts from all over the country are finally starting to get ready for the long-awaited international barbecue month, the unofficial holiday that, for many, signals the beginning of summer and celebrates the warmer months just ahead of us.

However, anyone who’s been celebrating the wonders of BBQ and outdoor cooking for long enough knows that the price of charcoal and BBQ firewood tends to skyrocket during the summer months, leaving families with very little time to figure out what the best firewood for grilling actually is and where to get premium-quality BBQ wood fuels for the best possible price.

So, what if there was another way?

With the launch of our biggest discount deal yet, we want to give you all the information you need to get the most convenient price on the best BBQ firewood, from Kiln Dried firewood to Natural Firelighters!

Wooden Decking with dog sleeping on Garden Corner sofa in front of a fire pit surrounded by Kiln Dried Hardwood and fire kindling

Why Now is The Best Time To Stock Up On Firewood

The summer and winter months are, without a doubt, when it is the most expensive to purchase all kinds of wood fuels.

It’s not hard to see why: When summer is in full swing, the consumer demand for barbecue products and outdoor wood-burning products rises like clockwork, and so do the market prices. By the same token, the winter months and colder autumn months are when demand for indoor wood-burning products is at its peak, with consumers looking to cosy up and stay warm no matter the price.

That’s why savvy buyers can get the most bang out of their buck by stocking up on all the wood fuels they might need during the months of April and September.

April is the perfect time to start purchasing your favourite wood fuels for outdoor chimineas, fire pits, open fires, pizza ovens, and fire pit tables.

With retailers looking to free up warehouse space, you’re always guaranteed to be getting the best deals, the fastest deliveries, and the best possible price on all BBQ firewood and all other wood fuels you might need.

You’ll want to stock up on the best products to cover all your grilling and fire-burning needs for the summer, so no matter when we’ll be able to finally meet up in our gardens with our families and friends, you’re going to be ready to get your BBQ on at the drop of a hat!

Dog sitting next to an outdoor kiln surrounded by Kiln Dried firewood

BBQ & Beyond

April is not only the best season for stocking up on your BBQ essentials, it’s also the perfect time for getting the best deals on powerful Hardwood Heat Logs, Pini Kay Eco Logs, or even economical Sawdust Briquettes for fireplace burning!

These are some of the most versatile and eco-friendly wood fuels you’ll find on the market, ideal for long and sustainable burns, and the perfect accompaniment for BBQ-ready and indoor-safe Kiln Dried Logs.

As all these products are easy to store and stack, you can easily take advantage of the unmissable deals of the season while saving your wood fuels of choice for whenever you might need them.

And what exactly are these unmissable deals we speak of?

Well, we’ve got the biggest one ready for the taking with just one click:

Introducing The Lekto Wood Fuels Big Spring Sale

If you are looking to stock up on the best and most sustainable wood fuels to power you through a summer of garden BBQs, there’s no better place to look than our Big Spring Sale, offering a whopping 15% discount on all Lekto Woodfuels products simply by using the code “ALL15” at checkout.

This is the best deal we’ve offered in years and it is specially designed to help savvy customers make the most out of this month in preparation for summer, whether it’s getting all the Kiln Dried firewood they might need for both outdoor and indoor wood-burning or stock up on fire-burning essentials like Firelighters and kiln-dried kindling.

With the release of our unmissable Stock Up Bundle, carefully put together to give you all the most powerful wood fuels in stock into one convenient package, our 15% off sale can get you a truly unbeatable deal on all our best-sellers.

You can now get all the firewood for grilling and powering your wood-burning stoves without any of the hassles, with speedy delivery and the best price possible guaranteed — just place your order before April 30th to not miss out on the opportunity!