The Benefits Of Outdoor Cooking

The Benefits Of Outdoor Cooking

When the sun is out the Brits get the BBQ out. Maybe its because consistent, predictable good weather is uncommon in the country, but there is something about cooking and eating outdoors that contributes to our ‘feel good’ factor.  That got us thinking about what other benefits of outdoor cooking there are……

It’s More Social

For most people, it is easier to fit more people into their outdoor space than indoors. There’s also more room for people to spread out and get comfortable, as well as letting the kids run around and let off steam.  Outdoor cooking is also often a shared experience, with different people contributing to different elements such as the grill, salads, sides and drinks.

Cooking Is More SImple

The basis of most outdoor cooking is the grill and you can decide how difficult you make the recipes you cook.  Choose from simple bangers and burgers or show off a little with more complicated dishes using steamed fish and vegetable packs cooked in the embers of a fire pit.

Cooking Can Be Healthier

Cooking on a grill like a BBQ often means you need less oil and any fats released as the food cooks are more likely to drain away completely, so you can make meals that are inherently healthier.

No Lingering Smells

When you cook indoors the aromas released will linger around the house. This isn’t always a bad thing (think of the smell of freshly baked bread) but strong smells like fish can be more unpleasant. Those smells and the smoke produced when you cook outdoors disperse more easily in the fresh air.

Better Sleep

We’ve read a few other articles that claim outdoor cooking can help you sleep better at night.  Now we can’t find any scientific evidence for this but authors claim that the relaxation created by the social atmosphere, fresh air and good food will help you drift off more easily.

Are you cooking outdoors this summer with Lekto’s firelighters, kindling or heat logs? We’d love to see your pictures! Please share with us on Instagram or Facebook and tell us what benefits outdoor cooking brings for you.