The Benefits Of Using Lekto Firelighters This Winter

The Benefits Of Using Lekto Firelighters This Winter

You’re feeling the chill and you’re in dire need of a quick-burning fire to warm your home, not to mention yourself and your family.

But, while you may be tempted to purchase a gas firestarter, they can often be temperamental and can need refilling on a regular basis.

With natural firelighters, however, your log burning stove will immediately emanate the heat of a beautiful fire, without you having to tend to it.

Ideal for those bitter nights, Lekto's firelighters will burn for 8-10 minutes and can create a quick flame that a heat log or a Lekto Night Briquette can catch onto.

But if you’re wondering ‘what are firelighters made of?’, traditionally, they are doused in chemicals such as kerosene and can cause hazardous gases (and unpleasant smells) to stem from your fireplace or log burner.

With Lekto however, ours are 100% natural. They are made from wood shavings that are compressed into cylindrical briquettes.

Furthermore, their economic size allows them to be stored easily, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space on your hearth.

With regards to outdoor fires, many of our customers have used our firelighters when camping, as they are naturally sourced and will do no harm to the environment when they get a campfire going.

Inside, on the other hand, and our firelighters are ideal for wood-burning stoves, pizza ovens, log burners and fireplaces – where they, along with heat logs, can warm up you and your loved ones without any fuss.

If you require your fire to light up as quickly as possible and are now wondering where to buy firelighters from, get yours here.