The Benefits Of Using Lekto Night Briquettes

The Benefits Of Using Lekto Night Briquettes

Thousands of satisfied customers have left rave reviews about Lekto’s next-generation Night Briquettes.

They burn longer than any other wood fuel product on the market. They supply steady and reliable heat.

So say goodbye to 2 AM trips to your wood stove. Waking up in cold rooms. And struggling to light your stove in the morning.

Read on to find out how Night Briquettes are already improving the lives of Lekto customers all over the UK.

Night Briquettes Help Reduce Your Firewood Consumption

Switching from traditional firewood to Lekto Night Briquettes is a great way to save space, money, and the environment.

With only two briquettes being enough for a whole night of pleasant warmth in most cases, they can do the job of firewood several times their size.

That means less trips to your wood store. More free space in your room. And fewer trees cut down.

Night Briquettes Supply Warmth While You’re Working From Home

More and more of us are working from home these days. Constantly having to get up to add more firewood to the burner is not only distracting, it may be impossible. 

Lekto Night Briquettes offer a great solution to this problem. Simply throw them in at the start of the workday and they’ll warm you through its entirety.

  Get 8 Hours of Heat. No Tending Required. 

Night Briquettes Keep Your Pets Warm at Night

One group of people who we hear praise for Night Briquettes from very often are pet owners.

While human members of the household have winter blankets to warm them in the chilliest of nights, the same isn’t true for our pawed friends.

Thankfully, you can safeguard your pets from the cold by throwing in a couple of Night Briquettes into the stove before you go to bed.

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Night Briquettes Save You from Waking up in a Cold Room

Few things feel as bad as waking up in a chilly room.

You don’t want to get up, because your blanket is the only thing shielding you from the cold. 

And the main thing on your mind isn’t coffee, breakfast, or your loved ones. It’s getting the stove going.

Use Night Briquettes and you’ll improve the quality of your mornings. No 3 AM trips to the wood burner required. 

Night Briquettes Make Relighting Your Wood Burner Easier

Throw a couple of Night Briquettes into the wood stove and chances are they’ll still be burning by the time you wake up. So you’ll be able to relight your wood burner by simply adding a heat log or some firewood to the stove.

No need to arrange kindling and firelighters in the cold. No need to wait for the fire to catch before adding your main wood fuel. No need to think about the fire at all.

Everything will just work. Just like it should.

Have you already tried Lekto’s next-gen Night Briquettes? Which of the mentioned benefits do you like most? Did we miss a benefit? Contact us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to let us know!


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