The Physical & Mental Benefits Of Sitting By A Cosy Fireplace

close up of two mugs and a blanket in front of a roaring cosy fireplace

Who doesn’t love cosying up next to a roaring fireplace? As humans, we’ve always found that sitting next to a cosy fireplace is relaxing and comforting, but without much explanation as to why. However, a three-year long study conducted by experts at the University of Alabama in 2014 confirmed this to be scientific fact. It’s believed that our attraction to a roaring fire stems from evolution, as the Stone Age people relied on fire for heat, cooking, light, and socialising. The study looked into what the specific psychological and physical effects are by asking participants to watch videos of virtual fire, with and without sound, whilst monitoring their blood pressure. As a result, the study confirmed that sitting by a cosy fireplace can have the following benefits:

Decreased Blood Pressure

Sitting by a cosy fireplace and listening to the crackle of the firewood burning away has been proven to decrease blood pressure, helping you to relax as well as benefiting your physical health. In the study conducted at the university, researchers found that participants who watched the virtual video of the fire with sound had a higher decrease in blood pressure than those who watched without sound. This shows how the sound of a roaring and cosy fireplace is just as important as the visual appeal.

Relaxed Mind & Body

When we sit by a cosy fireplace, our mind is naturally attracted to watching the flames in a meditative way. As we gaze at the flames, our mind enters a peaceful state that is relaxed and free from distraction. As the mind relaxes and becomes free from stress, the body also starts to relax, with blood pressure decreasing. Again, our fascination with gazing at the flames of a cosy fireplace is said to stem from prehistoric times where humans would be attracted to fire for the survival qualities it provided.

close up of logs burning

Improving Connection

Another huge benefit of sitting by a cosy fireplace that can often be overlooked is its ability to help us stay connected with others. In prehistoric times, fire was used as a means for social cohesion and we’ve continued this trait, albeit in an adapted way! Gathering around the cosy fireplace is a social act that facilitates conversation and social interaction in a positive environment.

So whether you love to sit and read by a cosy fireplace, watch a movie, or use it as a chance to catch up with loved ones, you’ll be doing your mind and body a huge favour.

kiln dried firewood and hardwood heat logs piled up next to a fireplace

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