Why Lekto Night Briquettes Are Perfect For Toasting Marshmallows

Why Lekto Night Briquettes Are Perfect For Toasting Marshmallows

There’s something beautifully magical about summer evenings in the garden. The sky changing colour from blue to orange to black, stars - like pins pricked into a cushion - make for a breath-taking view and even though it’s summertime, you will need a fire to keep the chills at bay while you sit outside.

Gathering family and friends around a fire always has the makings of a cherished memory and that can be heightened with the introduction of just two simple items: skewers and marshmallows.

While you are enjoying the company of loved ones, why not toast some marshmallows and tuck into some smores? They are an effectively simple treat to make, especially if you are using Lekto Night Briquettes to warm them up.
While Hardwood Heat Logs might provide a high heat output, our night briquettes create a longer and slower burn, which, when they crumble and glow (rather than roar), provides the ideal environment for marshmallows to be toasted to perfection.

By holding the marshmallow just above the flames, you are almost guaranteed a caramelised and deliciously gooey treat. Using night burning briquettes will provide you with a fire that will not contain any dangerous gouts, so - with adult supervision - little ones can turn their marshmallows slowly and safely, ensuring all sides are toasted.

As you are using chemical-free Lekto Night Briquettes to roast your marshmallows (we recommend you only use one on your chiminea or fire pit), no dangerous gases will affect your food in any way. They are also wonderful for ensuring your marshmallows are that golden brown colour that you are picturing right now.

How to make smores

We do not know if it is spelt s’mores or smores. But what we do know is that two rich tea biscuits (the closest Britain has to graham crackers) and a piece of chocolate pinching the marshmallow off the end of its toasting skewer makes for one delicious snack.

Smores are perfect to enjoy on any evening, but especially on a summer night, when sitting by a log burner is a great way to waste your time.

The Night Briquettes are also great for long-lasting warmth and for ensuring your summer days turn into summer nights and that both are full of memories you can cherish for years to come.

Great in Chimineas, Log Burners, Fire Pits and stoves, our Briquettes are made from softwood and will keep your fire going into the wee small hours of the morning.
No chemical additives have been used, so you will not be polluting the atmosphere (or your lungs) with any harmful gases.

For wonderfully warm summer memories, buy your Lekto Night Briquettes here